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    Monkey here - I’ve been playing Falcon 4.0 AF in TG for about 3 weeks now. Prior to this I had not played multiplayer, but had flown the F4 sim for many years. What I have found is that there is a significant difference between single player and multiplayer. Aside from the obvious new communication and coordination issues you would expect working with other humans versus AI, there are tactics, configurations, systems, profiles, munitions, etc, that are used more frequently, or in different ways here in multiplayer than while playing on your own system. What I want to do here is offer the new multiplayer sim pilot some thoughts on what you need to know to effectively participate; what you ought to try hard to learn very quickly if you don’t already know it; and some things that you should consider working on over time to continue improving.

    Now for my disclaimer - I’m not an IP, nor do I play one on TV. There are many manuals, posts in forums, downloads, and IPs online to fill in the how to’s and whatnot for all of the listed knowledge and skill points if you need them. There are also many ‘right’ ways of doing these things so talk about them with others and find the way you like best. Your fellow non-IP pilots are also often a good source of info if you need it in a pinch. To be honest though most of the things I’m going to list you can easily figure out by reading the manual and then practicing it over and over again on your own, either in training missions, TEs, or in your own “practice” campaign. How you learn it is up to you, I’m just suggesting what to learn. This is info I would have liked to know before I first logged on, and if it proves helpful or provides focus to your offline training then it’s been worth my time writing it. Good luck and hope to see you in the server real soon.

    Things you need to know to be initially effective in the Campaign –
    All server SOPs
    Recon of targets and threats from off the campaign map
    All elements of the briefing page
    Basic flying – take offs, controlling altitude, attitude, AOA, and speed; basic maneuvering in high and low G turns…be able to fly at a specific altitude at a specific speed and direction, and finally - landing…you should be able to land your jet and taxi off the runway every single time…well, okay, almost every single time…
    Everything on the HUD
    Communications protocol i.e. responding to lead’s calls and queries promptly and in sequence
    Taxi and takeoff procedures
    Navigating by using steer points
    Basic formation flying – going the same direction at the same altitude within visual contact of (and at least slightly behind) your element lead
    Reforming – finding your element lead using the HSD and reforming on them
    Everything on the HSD display
    Initiating and understanding basic Tower, AWACs and FAC calls, including declares, threat calls, inbound vectors, etc
    Operating the RADAR in at least one CRM and one ACM AA mode and at least one AG mode (realistic setting)
    Be able to enable and employ the following weapons - AIM-120, AIM-9, Gun, MK82/84, CBU 52/87 or MK20D
    Be able to find, identify and engage ground targets using CCIP
    Be able to identify/sort air threats and engage them as directed
    Expelling chaff and flares
    Silencing emissions
    Fuel management (quantity)
    Master Arm and ext lights
    Jettisoning fuel tanks
    What the RWR is trying to tell you (those noises are obnoxious for a reason)
    The basic characteristics of the Mig 29, Mig 21, Mig 23 and SU 25 – all air threats are not created equal - know what these AC can and cannot do to you and how they will most likely react to your presence
    The basic characteristics of the SA 7/14, SA 3, SA 6, SA 10, and SA 13s. Know how to avoid gaining personal experience with their warhead’s effects
    Ejecting…it happens…

    Things you ought to try to learn real quick if you don’t already know –

    All AA modes except VS, including modifying your sweep elevation and azimuth
    At least 3 AG RADAR modes
    Bullseye and how to reference it
    Imputing precision steer points
    Know the purpose of all AWACs and FAC calls
    Setting your desired burst altitude for cluster munitions
    Dogfight and Missile AA mode shortcuts and coming out of them
    Instrument flying
    ILS landings
    Using Harms, Mavericks, 107s
    Brevity codes
    Air to Air refueling in simplified mode
    Formation take-offs
    The strength and weaknesses of the various Migs, their weapons, and your preferred method of dealing with them

    Things to work on over time to make yourself a more complete sim pilot and/or contributor to the campaign –

    Using LGBs
    Ramp starts (great way to learn the ins and outs of your systems)
    AC shut down procedures – gotta have something to do while waiting for the rest to land
    Directing wingmen (don’t be shy if offered the chance to take lead)
    Planning missions, including coordinated element attacks, cover, multi-flight comms, etc
    DED info for system fault determination – is my NWS going to work or not is best answered before the 2000 feet left marker…
    Engine restarts and flameout landings (fly above about FL570 for long and there’s a good chance to try both on the same flight)
    Air to air refueling in realistic mode

    Again, hope this is helpful, Monkey out...
    [TG] Monkey



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