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    Ok I have to post this due to frustration..... For this server there are SOP's and Rules we all went over when we took our O Flight but it seems lately some people have chosen not to remember them. Like the Fact that Lead is the Main man in the Flight what he says goes..... It he calls RTB all pilots RTB..... When Returning to base all pilots form on Lead and lead calls inbound.... When this is not done it mess's up ATC and everyone gets vectored all over....People are striking targets other then what is task out..... " Hey there is a tank group over here" then verrrroomm offf they go .... We are to try to stay in the server till all pilots are down unless you really have to leave... When getting into a flight you need to take not of the time..... When people leave while others are inbound the ATC has issues 6 out of 9 time's....
    I personely do not like setting up a battle plan only to have pilots do as they wish......When a plan is followed good or bad most of the time the out come is better then people freelancing....If I seem out of line I am sorry but as I said in the start of this post we have SOP's and Rules.... All of what I mentioned is in them.......

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    I can certainly understand your frustration Wolf. We all play at because of the team spirit and team before self attitude. Flight Sims in particular and especially Falcon require this much more so than a FPS. Not just for fun gameplay but in order to keep the game running at all!

    The Admins will remove players that are not abiding by the server rules. All players on the server should have had their O-flight and therefore there are no excuses. If you have a problem with a specific player please pm one of the admins and explain the situation.
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