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    From Falcon 4 HQ

    C3PO wrote:

    Hi Guys,

    For you, part of the 1.0.6 changelog ... feel free to tell others

    Avionics / Weapons:

    Fixed HSD showing wingmen in Dogfight after they have been destroyed.

    Fixed static ground vehicles not showing up in GM radar mode.

    ALOW and MSLFloor warnings are now played whether the HUD is visible on screen or not.

    Fixed TGP going into POINT lock immediately upon first designation.

    Fixed Com1 and Com2 Volume knobs to work again.

    Fixed TACAN station bearing indicator on HSI to not display bearing if the station can not be received.

    Fixed PL-5E seeker range to be shorter.

    Fixed bug where contacting an airbase other then the landing one was impossible in certain situations.

    Various fixes/improvements to A-A Weapon handling:
    -- Each Mastermode remembers which weapon type has been selected (AIM-9M/P etc) and will set the weapon again when the mode is reselected at a later point.
    -- All A-A Radarmodes are available from all A-A Mastermodes. Dogfight Override mode, for example, can have RWS as selected radar mode, and Missile Override can use the ACM modes.
    -- Each Mastermode remembers its gun submode.
    AIM-9M and AIM-9X can be switched properly if in the same loadout.

    The Mastermodes will no longer have the radar turned on when selecting another weapon by either the Enter key or the OSB buttons. The radar only starts emitting when a mode is selected.

    Fixed gun rounds counter sometimes showing zero when there were still bullets left.

    Fixed bug where a target could not be locked to STT mode in TWS mode when the azimuth scan was set to something other then 60 degrees.

    Fixed bug where stealthy aircraft like F-117A were not even lockable using IR sensors even at closest ranges.

    Frame-rate improvement to HSD display.

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    Re: 1.06 News

    - Fixed bug where contacting an airbase other then the landing one was impossible in certain situations.

    I have always had problems when trying to contact other airfields. I get the tacan/frequency correct either in the DED or using the backup controls but I've never been able to contact another tower. So either I have been seeing this bug or I just don't know what I'm doing (which could certainly be the case).

    Always glad to hear that LP is active and trying to constantly improve the sim. Hats off to you LP!




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