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Reward for hard work

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  • Reward for hard work

    Fury1 was tasked out with a sweep near the south East of the DMZ I was in the Lead Slot..... Seemed like a Milk Run ony one bandit was seen so we loaded out with wing tanks and made plans to loiter over the Steerpoints in hopes of a fight..Upon arival at streerpoint 3 we have a contact. Element 2 engaged and Splashed one....Then we saw it the dreaded Mig-29 ... Element one turned to engage lead first saw one and locked him up calling Bull. Fury2 them saw a second then a third..... Opps it was a 4 ship nose hot. Lead Fox-3 Long Chalis-1 called fury-1 pit bull but the lead plane still had fury1 locked.... Fury 2 was engaged defensive having a missle fired at him..... Lead then went Fox-3 Medium to finish his first Mig off.... Then came the Calvery Elemnt 2 was inbound to join in by this time 2 migs we splashed..... In a mater of seconds all hostil aircraft were down .... "Fury1 requesting picture" Fury1 Chalis1 picture Clean"... Sweet words to hear .... "Fury1 to goup lets RTB" All pilots made it home safe.....

    The best thing of all was the promotion ..... I had restarted my log book a month ago and have flown every mission as fraged on the TG server and one or two on Smegs Campaing.... I took my deaths and crashes..... Never resetiing my logbook..... In real life there is no do overs and Stats are sweet but getting all your fellow pilots home safe and keeping there 6 clean means more....

    Pilot Name: Wolf
    Commissioned Date: 03/14/06
    Number of Flight Hours: 28.3
    Rank: Captain
    Callsign: Wolf

    Air Force Cross: 0
    Silver Star: 0
    Distinguished Flying Cross: 0
    Air Medal: 1
    Longevity Medal: 0
    Campaign Medals: 0


    Total Missions Flown: 42
    Air to Ground: 146
    Consecutive Missions: 1
    Friendlies Killed: 0
    Games Lost: 0
    Games Tied: 0
    Games Won: 0
    Human Kills: 0
    Number of Times Killed: 3
    Number of Times Killed by Human: 2
    Killed by Self: 6
    Number of Kills: 19
    Total Adjusted Score: 303
    Total Score: 182
    Total Static Kills: 23
    Total Naval Kills: 6
    Miss Since Last Friendly Kill: 0

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