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Yes you don't have to fly on the server to enjoy falcon at TG!

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  • Yes you don't have to fly on the server to enjoy falcon at TG!

    Tactical Gamer is about like-minded, tream orientated people getting together to play games that they enjoy with a large tactical element to it. Just because we host a server here at TG, doesn't mean you have to use it. We can each host up our own campaigns/te's/ dogfights on our own machines. To give you an idea of how many you can host, follow this guideline.

    Your upload speed is 128kb's - try 3 other people (other than yourself, so 4 in total)

    Your upload speed is 256kb's - Try 6 people plus yourself.

    Your upload speed is 512kb's - Try 12 people plus yourself.


    If you have 2 extra people turn up, try letting them in and see how the connection performs. Remember that campaigns require much more bandwdith that TE's or Dogfights do.

    TG is a place to come to play differently from the norm and as such we enjoy an immersive and rewarding style of gameplay. If you don't feel ready to go on the server, start your own campaign tailored to your skill level and invite people to participate :)



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