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Its startin to get to me.

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  • Its startin to get to me.

    Iv had game for 5 months now and dont know how to do anything in it. I kinda just taught myself in Lock-on and they also had training videos explaining each course.

    But due to the complex nature of this game.. I just wanna watch a video it is sooooo much easier and would get my flying much faster.

    Is there any training videos out there for falcon 4.0 AF?

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    Re: Its startin to get to me.

    Get an appointment with one of the IPs and jump online. They will walk you through step-by-step just about anything youwould like to know.
    Best way to learn bar none.


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      Re: Its startin to get to me.

      Hi DevilDog,

      The few training video's that i've found require you to already know several stuff in the cockpit and don't really go through something you want to lean step by step.
      Flying online with one of the instructors here will most certainly get your going real quick as these guys know Falcon AF from the inside-out.
      Lock-on is easier compared to Falcon because everything in Falcon is like "The real thing". And this is how the people "play" on this server: Like the real thing.

      Hooking up here will not only help you out with falcon, it also increases the whole Falcon experience.



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        Re: Its startin to get to me.

        As said come on TS hook up with and IP pilot ..........I am on alot PM and we can get you into being a lean mean fighting machine ....Hooorrraaaaa...... Get Some. ....


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          Re: Its startin to get to me.

          Ya iv attended some of the training missions here. I might have been a little over dramatic when I said I dont know how to do anything. Cause thats not true... I know how to land, ramp start take off, Naviagate. I just dont know how to employ any of the weapons systems.

          Whats the ts Info again? I lost it...

          The TS Adress, and password. You may PM it to me if you would like.


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            Re: Its startin to get to me.

            Hey Devil,

            Any of us will be happy to help you out. PM myselft, Jex, TG_PolishBoogieman, USN_Squid, or Slammer and any one of us will be happy to take you up and explore/teach you whatever you desire. Also, if you see us online in TS and we arn't mid-flight, just chime in and chances are one of us will be able to take you up. Also, several of us, including myself, use various messenger clients like AOL or MSM.. check our profile and contact us that way if you use a messenger. Anyways, best of luck, and I hope one of us can help you out in the future.

            Best Regards,


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              Re: Its startin to get to me.

              For some reason a lot of people think they need to be somewhat proficient before asking for help. I suppose I can understand the need to avoid embarrassment, but really you don't need to be afraid of that. The reason we offer instruction at any level is because we want to help and grow the community. I second Fuzzy's post in that regard.

              That being said, if you really don't want to ask for help. Just go through the manual. There are step by step training missions there. With the book at your side you can pause the game and walk through all radar types and weapons deliveries. That's the first thing I did when I got the game and it was definitely time well spent.

              Also, check out these links at Frugals: and There are literally hours upon hours of good reading there.

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