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  • F15 Sim Ride

    Had a cool experience today I thought I’d share with you all. Got a chance to fly one of our Boeing F15C simulators. While obviously it was a blast for me, the interesting thing for you all is that having flown it, I can tell you that our sim is actually very impressive, especially if you are flying a HOTAS of some sort. The sim cockpit is fully functional, i.e., a lot of gizmos and switches…but learning the basic functions needed was a snap…okay, there’s the speed brake, there’s the radar micro-stick (it’s a finger button actually), antenna elevation, and target designator…got it. The HUD is different, but the same functions are there and mostly in the same place, though sometimes presented different…the gun cross indicating the point of the nose is a W with a line through it like you’d find on the ADI of a Cessna. The FPM is exactly the same. The altitude and speed tapes are a little different but obvious to read…I did like how the F15 resets the altitude tape more often as you get lower so it’s showing a more relevant set of numbers allowing for finer altitude control; I know ours resets at 1500’ but this one seemed to do it more often.

    In the first scenario it was 1V1 with a Mig 29…I popped him BVR before he knew what was up which is the entire game plan for F15s…shoot far away before anyone can do much about it, wait a few seconds and send in another 120 just to be sure. Locking up was a cinch, move the cursor over the small bar on the radar, click it locked, and fire. The Mig smoked all the way to the ground. When they run ACM scenarios the instructor dude said 4V15 is a common, and relatively easy set up for four Eagle drivers.

    I then got to do some acrobatics over the field…very easy to do…rolls, loops, inverted and knife edge flight down the runway were all straight-forward and very much the same picture you have in Falcon. One surprise was the force required to move the stick…this is good as it helps with fine control because the other thing I noticed was how touchy the stick was…I have been thinking of lowering the sensitivity of my Cougar, but will likely not do that now because now I know it’s realistic…I just can’t be so ham-fisted I guess. I mean except when I pulled it to go straight up (got an over-g warning on that one) I doubt I moved the stick more than four inches from center. I can see where the resistance of the stick could be tiring to the pilot after a while though, especially when each move of the stick was accompanied by the resulting G’s. Probably not an issue for most profiles, but I have a new level of respect for the demo dude for what he goes through in his 30 minutes of yanking the Eagle around everyday.

    The graphics if the 360 sim were adequate, but not what we have on our screens. It’s a projection and it’s not nearly as clear as what we see…if on a much smaller field. It works though…the F15C is an air to air fighter and looking for small ground targets while whizzing by is not what they need to practice. Up close to other aircraft the depiction clarifies and is pretty good.

    I then did a number of touch and go’s, and then a full stop landing. The closed-pattern work is simple…enter at 300kts and 1500’ over the field…run down the runway, break left mid-way powering through the 4-5 G turn, roll out parallel with the runway, ensure speed is below 300 using the air brake as needed (small thumb toggle on the throttles), drop the gear (up and over on the switch on the front left panel and see the lights turn green), drop the flaps (small switch on the side of the throttles), then when the runway is at about 8 o’clock, roll left keeping the nose on the horizon, the FPM will drop as the plane begins to come around…that’s what you want it to do…let the speed drop off to around 180, looking back at the threshold bring it around and roll out lined up at about 300’, 180 knots and the FPM on the threshold…allow the speed to bleed off and nurse it in till a flare of about 10 degrees and run the FPM down the runway until you feel the wheels hit (usually only once ). Keep the nose off for aero-braking, but never more than 15 degrees, add gas, get the gear and flaps up and do it again. Great fun, and if you can land in Falcon, I can assure you, you could do this just as easily…I did a number of them and not once busted the bird.

    Anyway, a fun day for me, but the main thing I wanted to share was the level of fidelity we have in our sim…when they say the closest you’ll get to the real thing in an unclass sim, they may well be right.
    [TG] Monkey

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    Re: F15 Sim Ride

    Dude... The jealousy oozes from my pores!

    Thanks for the excellent recap of your adventure. It's the closest I'm going to be able to get to a sim of that caliber I'm sure.

    Seriously though. Thanks for sharing!
    Any Time, Any Place


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      Re: F15 Sim Ride

      i can almost smell your jet fuel so sweet lol. cool dude sounds real fun


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        Re: F15 Sim Ride

        Nice read, thanks Monkey.
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