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  • Mid-Air.....ouch!
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    Re: Mid-Air.....ouch!

    Yeah, that's a bad one...I think that happened during training - if I remember correctly, one pilot died, the other managed to punch out and survive. Nasty.


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      Re: Mid-Air.....ouch!

      Found this on another forum:

      Originally Posted By 2A373:
      The full details about this FAKE video.

      About half way down the page.

      New 5/26/06: Amazingly, this video is a partial fake. Here are the comments of the pilot of the aircraft involved in this collision:

      "(Technical Advisor) Tony Clay suggested I send this to you to correct a gross mistake in the video that is on your website concerning the 'F-15 Mid-air'. It is nothing of the sort."

      "This copy is an altered version of the original, I know because it came from MY aircraft and I was the one who bailed out. It was a mid-air, true, but my aircraft was an F-16A and the other aircraft which impacted me was a Marine F-4."

      "The collision took place over the Yellow Sea off the West coast of South Korea on December 15, 1982. The apparent impact aircraft in the video currently on your website has been digitally superimposed into the original footage. The original footage is attached as a wmv file (See it, below) of less than good quality, but if you would desire a better copy, I may be able to burn a DVD of it. Please let me know, and for goodness sakes, correct the description on your website if possible."

      - Daryl Hower/aka Smilin'Jack

      LtCol (ret), USAF

      True and unaltered version
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        Re: Mid-Air.....ouch!

        Man that's a wicked spin as that pilotless aircraft descends down into and through the clouds.
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          Re: Mid-Air.....ouch!

          There are some amazing vids on that site. The Close Air Support vid is pretty intense - hopefully nobody got hurt. The F-16 Precision Bombing vid is a good one too.




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