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    From LP...

    News Update: June 5th, 2006

    We're pleased to announce the release of Patch 1.0.7 for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. Development has primarily focused on MP with considerable improvements to the "Host Only" server function and positional updates. Please update using either the bfopsupdate.exe utility in the Battlefield Operations folder, or download the patch from the downloads section of this website.

    Again, 1.0.7 is a cumulative patch containing all the improvements of previous updates. It can be installed on top of a CD version of Allied Force, or any previously patched version of the simulation.

    An extra point about the bfopsupdater: If your current installation is not 1.0.6, you'll need to update once, then reboot, then update again using the bfopsupdater. That will take you to 1.0.7.

    Remember, if you have HiTiles installed, please restore the original terrain using the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe, patch to 1.0.7, then restore HiTiles after patching.

    Changelog is contained below:

    Version 1.07

    * Fix for not being able to cycle through radarmodes with a target locked.
    * Fix a bug where the radar would not be radiating in certain instances when going from MRM ACM modes back to default modes.
    * Fix a bug where the radar can get confused about the modes and display a blank MFD.
    * F1 key now works properly again -> when in ACM modes, it takes us out to CRM modes. If ACM modes are to be cycled, F11 can be used.


    * Fix for removed range information from MRM HUD with a locked target.


    * Fix for dedicated server crashing after about 20 minutes of play.
    * Fix for empty debrief text files after MP missions.
    * Fix for Rules of Engagement "Comply" button not enforcing "Unlimited Ammo" setting.
    * "Unlimited Ammo" is not selectable anymore in Setup when not allowed by the host.
    * Improved multiplayer positioning and smoothing.
    * Fix for clients sometimes unable to join a dogfight game.


    * Added cursor to Logitech G15 DED display.
    * Enabled simplified avionics DED to be displayed on G15 display.


    * A few more fixes added.

    "Any angles you give the bogey on the first pass will haunt you for the rest of the fight."
    Lieutenant Jim "Huck" Harris, USN

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    Re: 1.07 out

    Ok how long for the server to be done .... I am at 1.07..........




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