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  • New way to Dog Fight

    Well we tried some thing last night ...... Furball mode with Agressor Aircraft .......It is possible now.... We found out last night that the Mirage 2000 and the F-5 are awsome dog fighters.....As for the Flight models.... Contrary to belife they are very good .... Yes you have the F-16 pit but the plane handels as the one you are flying.....They may not be 100% but I would say 95% ....Download this file and copy it to each of the folder were you cahnge the valid_ac.bin file...That is you c:\programs\Lead Pursuit\Battlefield Operations\Campaign...... There are 6 folder a copy of this file need to go in each folder.... Overwrite the file that is there .....Here is the File---- ...... Any Questions see me on TeamSpeak
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    Re: New way to Dog Fight

    I suggest backing up the originals though :)

    Nice idea there wolf, but if i may suggest, we better use it for training purposes IMHO. (How are the avionics anyway?) You know, beat your enemy by knowing him.

    I like to fly the F16 in this sim because it's called Falcon 4. :) Nevertheless, i would love to fly again a human pilot in a mig. (or AN heheh)



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      Re: New way to Dog Fight

      Nice idea, sounds like fun.

      And if you're looking for some dogfighting FUN (like me:) ), you should come chk out when you get a chance.
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      "Any angles you give the bogey on the first pass will haunt you for the rest of the fight."
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