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Flight certifications - Update

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  • Flight certifications - Update

    We have now (finally) moved into the testing stage and will soon be able to give a fixed date for when these go live. Generally we'll give everyone 1 month's notice before students can go for certification. This month will give you time to learn what is needed to pass the course. We'll do the same for the next course, etc. So when started, we should have a certification course that runs monthly over the course of a year.

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    Re: Flight certifications - Update

    Very interesting. I"m really looking forward in taking some courses. Just by flying a few sorties here made my knowledge go higher, and i'm wondering how it fast it would improve when doing a course.

    I have some nice -webbased- application idea's which might be discussed sometime later perhaps.



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      Re: Flight certifications - Update

      Just Curious ...... These certs are just for Pilot Proficency.... If you dont take them you are not going to be excluded from a flight ... Or bumped for someone who has a cert ......


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        Re: Flight certifications - Update

        Hey Wolf,

        No - a lack of a certification will not exclude anyone from a flight or demote them to 2nd class status in any way. The official reasons/benefits for being certified are to give the student a:

        1) Better understanding of the aircraft
        2) Higher Skill at employing ordinance (AA & AG)
        3) Higher degree of Situational Awareness
        4) More confidence in the pit
        5) Better planning ability
        6) Capability for flight leader responsibility
        7) Higher survivability ratio

        Unofficially, certifications will give also give the pilot a:

        1) Sense of earned superiority over one's neanderthal, uncertified peers
        2) Bragging rights that may or may not get one lucky at a single's bar
        3) Spiritual benefits too intangable to be used for tax deduction purposes

        So, in short, going through a certification is for personal gain and enjoyment, not to fulfill any requirement to make full use of the TG server.

        Hope this helps,




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