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An update for Falconlog - the webbased log tool

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  • An update for Falconlog - the webbased log tool

    The online statistics for Falcon 4.0 AF on the webpage for FalconLog has expanded.

    Without using FalconLog you are able to view how everything works by browsing the website and viewing logbooks from other pilots and or squadrons. You do not need to be registered anymore to view the logbooks.

    The following features/statistics have been added to the website:

    - Daily statisics. Each day your performance is logged and displayed in a bar-graph in your logbook for the past 7 days.

    (For now Flighthours, Missions, A-G kills and A-A kills are displayed but all information is already being stored for future additions.)

    - These statistics are also used if you are in a virtual squadron. All your flight data is added for a nice total for each day for the complete squad.

    (also in a bargraph - this will have to 'run' for a few days to get the best look hehe

    - All flighthours, kills, medals, missions etc are also added in the squad pages. Each kill you make is registered to your squadron. (Can i hear you think: Sierra hotel? - future plan)

    - Also, alot (and i mean ALOT) of coding has been done to give you a very cool feature which is not yet completely finished. This new feature will generate a timeline of your achievements. (Way cool - i must say)

    - List all pilots / squadrons registered to the site by searching with a * in the search field.

    With over 1700 downloads of the 1.45 version of FalconLog i hope to attract more users for the website to generate on big pile of logbook data As of now 'only' 52 pilots are getting the most of what FalconLog is offering them. So, sign up once you're convinced.

    (Oh, and don't bother viewing my logbook as i hardly get to flying with this hehe)

    I have attached a screen of the squadronpage of Jallie's squadron: FFW8 - Dragons for an example.

    Click here

    Have fun !

    Visit FalconLog: FalconLog For Falcon 4.0 Allied Force


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    Re: An update for Falconlog - the webbased log tool

    Thanks so much Stevie! You do great work, I wonder if LP is hiring..hmm. :row__523:
    New to TG?


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      Re: An update for Falconlog - the webbased log tool

      Thanks Squid hehe.

      I contacted LP a few weeks ago. Funny enough i didn't get a reply beside for the autoreply :)





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