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Couple of Allied Force questions

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  • Couple of Allied Force questions

    Hi there, not sure if this is quite the right forum (the actual Allied Force forum seems to be empty?) - I'm getting into F4: AF (at this stage only single player but you never know I may try online play eventually) - general handling, landing, navigation and using the avionics are all no sweat and in combat against the game AI I'm more than holding my own - FINALLY getting the hang of energy conservation (have broken the "circle of death" habit) and developing good SA in the "on screen" environment , my main question is whether anyone knows a way of slightly enlarging the scale of other aircraft - I seem to remember having a slider for this in the old Falcon 4 but there's no such thing in AF. I know it may seem slack, but for dogfighting I'd really like other aircraft to be about a half again larger than they are (this I'd prefer over using labels).

    Secondly - this one I can probably solve by continuing to poke about especially in the tutorials - but is manually steering the MFD cursor over tracked contacts and designating them the ONLY way to lock up targets - is there not a way of cycling lockup thru each tracked contact in turn?

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    Re: Couple of Allied Force questions

    Aahh,... I misunderstood out how the forum is structured (just didn't pay close enough attention initially) - pls disregard my comment about the "actual Allied Force forum" above..




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