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  • What night would be good

    Ok Lets pick a night to get together and Chat and see what we can do ..

    As some of you know Open Falcon has been leaked out and Free Falcon has completed there new 4.0 mod ...

    Open Falcon is as real as you can get. It is not for the new Pilot . In this version you do everything from setting your Data Cart to Radio Frequencys.
    You Mav's have Hot Cold display and more...
    You can find this as a Bittorent only.PM Me for info

    Now FF4 or RedViper as it is called..
    From the same Team who brought you Free Falcon
    This is 4.0 with a New Game Engine.....
    They are working on a DX9 and DX10 Engine as we speak ..
    In my word this is the LP Killer .. You have all Weapons for the F-16 curent this includes Jdam's.
    From my Time in the Pit it is as close to combat as you can get . There is to much to list .. PM , for a link to the PDF Manual ...
    This too is found as a Bit torent

    This is due to leagal issue's as I have been told ...

    Well I will chack back soon.
    You can get me on MSN if I am not on TS @ [email protected]



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