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Sp3, Sp4, BMS, or open Falcon

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  • Sp3, Sp4, BMS, or open Falcon

    Howdy all, I've re-installed Falcon 4 on my machine, it works fine, it has been updated to 108.

    SP3 will not install, SP4 installs but has an error on install, so Falcon 4 craps out during mission.

    Another clean install of Falcon 4,108 patche and install BMS4 , this is th error I get:

    "error 271 -\Texbank.cpp may 18/2004"
    on the top of window this is what it says:
    "Too many open files:Bad object texture seek (25314110)"

    Here's my system;

    Creative Audigy 2
    Windows XP Service Pack 3, v.5657 5.1.2600
    Cpu 2.8 Mhz Dual Core GenuineIntel Pentium IV
    3072 MB DDR2 Ram
    NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT 512 MB DDR2 Ram
    Saitek X52 Pro Flight Controller
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    Re: Sp3, Sp4, BMS, or open Falcon

    I haven't played falcon 4 original for ages as I play the upgraded Allied Force version. To be honest I would just get hold of Allied Force because it doesn't crash and is stable in multiplayer (stable as in practically never has any connection problems) and supports large multiplayer games (+20 players) quite easily.

    Because of it's stability over all other versions of falcon and ease of install (i.e. one disk), it makes it really the only choice worth considering for MP sorties. Being part of a 16 flight package is awesome, especially when everyone is using brevity and we're all ramping up :)


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      Re: Sp3, Sp4, BMS, or open Falcon



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        Re: Sp3, Sp4, BMS, or open Falcon

        I need to get into Falcon..I've had it installed for a while

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