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A question about the graphics in-game?

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  • A question about the graphics in-game?

    I have decided to buy a flight sim game and after some time looking I think that Falcon 4 allied force is best one out. Ok, so i read a customer review from amazon and it said something that made me abit confused. I will copy paste bit below a paragraph i dont get???

    'Another thing is that when you think you've "mastered" Allied Force, theres always the option to buy the original Falcon 4.0 disc and download one of the different mods that are widely available...the main two being Open Falcon or Free Falcon otherwise known as Red Viper. They offer some changes in avionics but boost the graphics quite considerably...but are more challenging. Its usually better to start off on Allied Force then move on when you've become comfortable with the avionics.'

    I like the sound of graphics being boosted but he says i got to buy the original falcon game??

    The reason why i thought of this game as being the one to buy was due to the fact that it came out in 2005 [better graphics] got good score [from gamespot] and that it has modern plane not something from world war 1 ;).

    I have read that the graphics might not be something like nowadays obviously but this person says something about that the graphics can be improved but only if you buy the original game?? Can u clear this up for me please, bit confused. Just couple questions now if you can be kind enough to answer them :D

    1) What are your opinions of the graphics in falcon 4 allied force, are they good? :)
    2) Is it possible to make graphics better?
    3) Also, is it ok to buy allied force or should i buy the 1st one. is allied force an add-on.
    allied force just re-release isnt it with improvements?

    If you like to add anything else in your replies to this post if you decide to, I will enjoy reading them. I hope that people can be helpful to me as I think i will buy this game just that the little message left by that person in amazon made me tad confused. I think this is best game out in the market regarding modern fighter planes.

    I hope this game has good graphics. So in general i am wandering about the graphics in this game anyway :). Thank you for taking the time to read this. Ty



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