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Falcon 4.0 AF freezes after choosing 'fly'.

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  • Falcon 4.0 AF freezes after choosing 'fly'.

    Hi guys,
    I'm hoping for some help here. I have recently installed Falcon 4.0 AF after having it for sometime, and having installed and run it successfully on an older pc last year.
    The problem I'm having is this. It launches fine, runs the opening movie clip, and puts me on the main page for choosing what to do next, training, missions etc. But when I choose say, training, click 'commit', and then 'fly' it locks up on the page that shows an F16 above 5 smaller pics. No amount of keywork will bring about any change, and I have to reboot.
    I tried a repair install with no success, and even a complete uninstall/reinstall which resulted in the game actually, somewhat reluctantly, getting into the air and flying, but I couldn't leave the game and had to reboot again.
    I am running the latest patch.
    I have this evening done another uninstall/reinstall, but when I tried to install the patch, it told me that there was an .ini file missing and wouldn't install.
    As I said at the beginning, I have run this with no problems on an older machine.

    These are my pc specs:-
    Foxconn Mars mobo
    Pentium E5200 dual core 2.5 ghz (o/c to 3 ghz)
    Kingston DDR2 4gb ram
    ATI x1950 pro 512mb graphics
    Creative SB X-Fi soundcard
    XP Pro Sp2
    800w psu

    I have done a lot of googling to try and find someone else with a similar problem, but
    to no avail. I'm thinking maybe a corrupt or damaged cd ?
    All help/suggestions will be appreciated guys.

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    Re: Falcon 4.0 AF freezes after choosing 'fly'.

    Well, after posting this 3 weeks ago, and having 95 veiews and not a single reply, I'm rather disappointed.Not even a question asking me for more info..........Just checked, and I seem to have it in the right forum............thought I might have posted it in a cricket forum, or a knitting club.............I might have gotten a few replies if I had, maybe !!


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      Re: Falcon 4.0 AF freezes after choosing 'fly'.

      As you've seen.....

      ...there's more traffic on SimHQ.

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        Re: Falcon 4.0 AF freezes after choosing 'fly'.

        So I've




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