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  • Creating new pilot info?

    Sorry if this is rehash, but I was just given F4AF by friend who has no patience or will to learn new things. I like what I have seen/done in this sim so far but, inside the program I can not create new pilot. I have callsign "Viper" and 2Lt Joe Pilot. I can rename the pilot "2lt Joe Pilot" to my name but still have Viper as callsign. When I click "New" nothing happens. I've flown several training missions as "Joe Pilot" and have no problem within sim except creating new pilot info. This isn't a problem because of high learning curve, I can be Joe Pilot for a while before I get trained thoroughly to take on missions. Just when I start my campaign I want my own IDENTITY!

    Can anyone help here?

    I did not install to default folder. I have small partition (40 GB) for OS and larger partition and separate drives for storage.

    I know I'll love this simulation because I had the original Falcon back in the late 80's(1987) and then moved to Falcon 3.0 afterwards in the early 90's(1991)(80386DX required). I skipped Falcon AT but it was $$$ oriented. Falcon 3.0 was supposed to be then what Falcon 4.0 Allied Force is or was when released. I'll have to look but I still have "all" of my Falcon 3.0 disks and the manual, I think, no where near the 760 pg F4AF manual but a lot to learn just the same. Help an old F-16 sim pilot regain his youth and most of all his flying ability in "THE MOST well loved Jet in its time...aside from the F-86 Sabre.

    Vagabond thanks you all from the Heart of my Bottom.

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    Re: Creating new pilot info?

    Never mind... I figured it out. Someone could have acknowledged how much of a dork I was but, I guess everyone else can be a dork too. Seeing as how I had many views and no responses, I refuse to join this squad. No squad team support...I guess it's non for all and one for himself here. Sorry I bothered to ask for help. Delete any and all info on Vagabond, I WILL NEVER return!




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