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  • furbar install

    I have reinstalled twice and this time all seems well, ramp ,taxi,takeoff all are working well.
    I am really impressed with the graphics and game play, this sure beats the old days of the
    falcon dance..I was leary if this would be as good as sp3 and later versions and this is better.
    It seems quite stable, i have flown 7 missions in the last 2 days and no issues or crash to desktops.
    How is the on line missions? are there any issues with connection? where is a good place to do some
    serious multiplayer hops?..
    I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as i am and im glad to be flying once again..

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    Re: furbar install

    Falcon needs to be flown online, it's awesome :)

    It's easy to connect, you connect by typing in an IP adress in Falcon. Allied Force is rock stable - I don't think I've ever had a CTD with it.

    I used to fly a lot on but it seems to be rather quiet over there these days.

    You could try and connect to SimHQ's teamspeak, there's often people flying there.

    Oh, and if you get tired of the graphics in Allied Force you could try FreeFalcon 5 - It looks better and it's free. It's very unstable for me though :(


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      Re: furbar install

      Thanks for the tips, i cant wait to try multiplayer...Btw, are there any virtual fighter squadrons
      you might suggest to join ?.


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        Re: furbar install

        No problem. :)

        I haven't been part of any VFW's so I can't suggest any particular one. I don't fly Falcon much at the moment but when I do it's usually on simhq's teamspeak.

        There's a list of active VFT's in this thread:


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          Re: furbar install

          Thanks Zorg, much appreciated




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