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Falcon 4.0 BMS A-to-A Radar Operations

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  • [GUIDE] Falcon 4.0 BMS A-to-A Radar Operations

    This is a VERY simplified overview of the radar operations for Air to Air combat in Falcon 4.0 BMS. This mode is utilizing a F-16, I am unsure if the radar operations in the other planes operate in anything like the same way. I have two sample images for inclusion here, I've linked them because if I put them into the thread this post will get eaten for moderation and never appear on the forums. There are more advanced radar operations, but for simple things like Air to Air Dogfights or Air to Air Tactical Engagements, this is more then enough to get you operating the radar.

    The hardest part of learning to operate the F-16 radar is learning to do it while still flying the plane. This can be incredibly challenging and will push your multitasking skills to the limit. It's important to know that you cannot perform hard maneuvers to break a lock while you are trying to target the enemy, if they disappear out of the view of your radar you will lose them. Your radar only has a scan range of about 120 degrees in front of the aircraft. Anything to the left or right of that will not get scanned. Also, despite what you see in the cockpit, the radar range in front of you is a triangle. Airplanes traveling down the side of the radar will NOT pass to the right or left of you, but are in fact heading DIRECTLY for you.

    Here is the best example I can find of what this looks like, this is showing the triangle scan range of the radar, this is compressed into a square on the screen by expanding the point at the bottom (where the triangle meets the airplane) into a full line.

    Here is another useful illustration, this one showing the vertical scan range of the F-16 radar in it's various modes:

    The following images I took myself out of the game, showing a simulated dogfight in Falcon 4.0 against 4 A-4E enemy bandits. (I used A-4E's because they don't carry any missiles, and I wasn't interested in shooting them down, I just wanted to show you how the radar worked. It's important that you DON'T use any stealthy aircraft when testing radar operations, as they will NOT show up on the radar). The engagement started at 40 miles, I let them close a bit before I took the screenshots so they weren't clustered to far to the top of the screen.

    The first part is showing the targets before they are locked, my radar is operating in RWS (Range While Scan) mode and is operating in a standard three bar scan pattern. There are ways to change that but I am not to familiar with that level of depth in the radar operations. In the second screenshot, I have locked the leading bandit with a MRM (AIM-120) in preparation for shooting him down. There are explanations on both images for what the key elements are on the radar during each mode.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:



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