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First Falcon BMS Dogfight w/ Stirling, Zap, and Yink

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  • [AAR] First Falcon BMS Dogfight w/ Stirling, Zap, and Yink

    So we had our first BMS Dogfight today, and aside from Stirling dying four times despite cheating (you can ask Zap, he'll back up my fighter pilot exaggerated kill claims!) it went pretty well! We seemed to have no problems connecting, though Yink dropped right after we started because his joystick wasn't working. Most of the issues we've had seem to be related to control configurations.

    Settings were: 20,000 feet, 35 miles, to 10 points. We had 2 SRM (Radar) 2 SRM (Heat) and 4 MRM (Radar), a bit over the top for an F-16, and unlimited guns and fuels. Apparently whoever the lousy host was allowed players to set invulnerability, which Stirling took full advantage of, even bouncing off the ocean at one point.

    I nailed Zap right away with a down-the-throat AIM-120 shot. I spotted him at about 30 miles out, and locked him up right away but had to close for 20 seconds or so to get him in range. Then I fired, and as soon as the missile was self-tracking I broke to the right, while my Radar was spooling up I had spotted a target in the corner of my MFD and thought maybe I could lock it up, but I couldn't find it. I banked into a 30 degree turn and did a full 180 sweep of the sky, by which point Zap (I think) had spawned again so closed in trying to get him locked down for a missile shot but he was evading like mad. After 15 seconds of us bouncing around I finally cut loose with a second AIM-120 and eyeballed it all the way in. Zap went down again, but I overshot his plane when I went down and it spawned him in behind me, so I started mauvering erratically.

    Zap and I circled for a while - I couldn't get a shot on him, he couldn't get a shot on me. We descended down in a helix until we were only two or three feet off the water, and then I lost him. I climbed immediately and started a 360 sweep from Bullseye, point my nose down slightly because I knew he was under me somewhere. After 10 seconds or so I found him and locked up up again, and then I fired one AIM heatseeker at him, but it missed when he broke left, and then while closing for a strafing run on him I shot right overhead of him and couldn't find him again. He suddenly called out over comms that he saw TWO targets which started me scanning and I as my nose came around to the right I locked up Stirling at about 10 miles, and fired my third AIM-120 at him, but he ducked underneath it and it exploded behind him (I think this would have killed him if he hadn't been invulnerable: Stirling Kill #1). When he kept manuvering I swapped to guns and closed in, but I couldn't get a decent deflection on him. I turned with him for probably five minutes, and then locked him up with my Radar to try to get a better guns kill but he did the hardest break I've ever seen an F-16 perform and the doppler shift broke my radar lock.

    Stirling came back to the right and I chopped my throttle and slid in neatly behind him, locking him up with an uncaged stinger, and he got nailed twice with two heatseekrs (but never went down, Stirling Kill #2 and #3). Pulling my throttle back even more, I locked on with an AIM-120 and patiently waited for him to get beyond minimum range, and then I nailed him with an AIM-120 (Stirling Kill #4) by which point I figured out he was invulnerable, and he crashed into the ocean to try to die and bounced right off the server.

    And that was our first Falcon 4.0 versus dogfight.



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