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BFM + A-A Radar Modes (F4.0 BMS 4.32) Training [3-9-12 1 PM EST]

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  • [EVENT] BFM + A-A Radar Modes (F4.0 BMS 4.32) Training [3-9-12 1 PM EST]

    Saturday March 9th
    1:00 PM (Eastern Time)

    Coop Lobby 1 on TeamSpeak

    Before the Event:

    Please apply the four updates your Falcon 4.0 and come with your keys and/or joystick configured for flight.

    We will be working on BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) and A-A (Air to Air) Radar Modes. I will be teaching you what I can, as well as hosting the game (IP Address to be distributed on site).

    BFM Training to Include:
    Formation Flying
    Matching Speeds
    Position Changes During Turns
    Basic Flight Manuvers

    A-A Training to Include:
    Radar Modes
    Bugging a Target
    Clearing a Target
    Reading the Hud
    Finding a Target
    AWACs Calls
    Sorting Targets

    We will probably run for between an hour and an hour and a half, if there is time at the end I would like to run an even teams scrimmage against some dummy AI (Planes without missiles) to practice what we learned.

    I'll have a PDF Briefing Document (usually referred to as a Package) ready on Friday for download and review.

    Please sign up in the thread Below if you plan to attend.



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