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  • Aar

    Lead: Ivan
    Wing: Kaine
    time: 0115hrs, clear night, no moon
    BARCAP went about just like it should, bout 2/3rds the way through, several flights of mig-29s showed up on our scopes, the 2 flights of F-15s engaged before we could get off station, but Ivan got two long range kills despite the furball. I chased another flight, and got on a damaged 29s tail and opened fire with my cannon, detonating his fuel stores and munitions, causing instant desintigration of airframe. No eject. Chased another wing and lead out about 60nm from station, they were heading home. Hit the lead with a short range seeker, visual confirmation of ejection. Wing continued back home, no missles to engage. Took a hit that disabled most of my instuments from somewhere, just realized on the flight back, no hud, no msds, but not a critical hit, and was able to navigate just fine home. Landed with no hud, but didn't have a problem. I parked, and killed my engine and got ready to head home. Ivan followed about 15nms out, but on his landing he smashed his back right gear, minor damage, but had to be taken off the runway by the techs. All in all a great mission, got very lucky that we had help out there from the f-15s, strayed from station a bit more than we should have, but the migs would have gotten our home base. We eliminated the threat, and got back home safe.
    Drinks on us in the lounge at 0250.

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    Re: Aar

    It was a good run.

    I have yet to understand why the brass wanted us to patrol airspace away from the action. I guess that is why we are in the line of fire and they are in the "dotted line".

    I am going to have to remember to run a tad long on that runway, that ridge always seems like it is going to get me, then I drop in too hard. Oh well, my motto is "Landing is boring, just fly till you crash."

    2Lt. Ivan




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