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Attack on armybase (ACMI)

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  • Attack on armybase (ACMI)

    Jex, Fatcobra, Evar and me did an attack on a small armybase the other day.
    In briefing Jex suggested a nice attack run/plan on our targets.

    This attack was as follows:

    FL: Jex
    2: FatCobra
    3: Evar
    4: Stevie

    From the IP the target was directly N (v000) so when we reached the IP (NOE) FL and 3 turned left hdg 270 and 2 & 4 turned right, heading 090. When the distance to the IP was 5 miles (we flew away from it), all pilots turned towards target. This was to confuse the (possible) enemy air defenses. The targets where assigned. And the attack went pretty smooth.

    As you can see in the ACMI Jex and Fatcobra got a perfect timing, and almost dropped at the same time.
    Evar makes a nice CCRP attack (lofting) to leave the radar behind burning. Due to the fact it was a night mission, everyone got his target assigned by percision steerpoint. Me however didn't note the whole Position which left me doing a CCIP run. I run in a bit late after Evar ( approx 20 sec) as you can see, and allthough we did a good recon before takeoff, i decided first to see if I was able to spot the target. After that i make a high turn and destroy the targets.

    This attack really looks nice in the ACMI.

    You can download the ACMI right here:

    [edit: I'm not allowed to link external. Try putting www infront of the link incase it doesn't work]

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    Re: Attack on armybase (ACMI)

    A great example how a well thought out plan and good old fashion teamwork really does work!!!





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