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  • Clear My Six !!

    In case you were wondering how that bandit got on your tail so fast....check out the low speed capabilities of the SU-27..

    ... the first one is actually an SU-33 , but we see these in game alot..and notice , they re-fuel each other... sweet...sign me up comrade!

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    Re: Clear My Six !!

    I learned a few things from these videos:
    1. Russian carriers don't appear to have catapults.
    2. With enough thrust you can rocket your way out of a deep stall!
    3. Using said thrust combined with a curved ramp is enough to launch a Russian aircraft.

    Watching that second video and seeing the smoke trails perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft tells me it wasn't flying as much as it was using the aircraft thrust to recover from those stalls. The forward canards and probably the stabilators no doubt helped to provide some minimal form of directional control but what I saw was a lot of deep stalls and recoveries by sheer thrust.

    If a Russian pilot did that in a dogfight, he'd better be pretty strategical in its employment. Falling like a rock might look cool but he's giving up all kinds of energy to do it.

    Cool videos!
    Any Time, Any Place


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      Re: Clear My Six !!

      :O holay crap! I knew about the cobra manoeuver, but at about 2:50 in the first vid, when the mig goes pretty much vertical, drops back behind the filming jet, then levels again....oh man.

      Btw, has anyone been keeping any eye on the progress of the Su-47? There are rumors that it has a radar-absorbing plasma "force field", instead of compromising the airframe design (I mean, admit it, the F-117 is not exactly the greatest fly). Kind of far fetched, but these are insane technology times...

      Edit: after watching the second vid.

      My mind is utterly blown. I mean, I've enjoyed jet trivia, games, sims...enthusiasm in general, for years...but I had NO idea that any jet existed that was THAT agile. I mean, it just turned vertical without changing altitude, and dead stopped in mid air. And those fore wings are way more articulated than I previously knew.

      I do believe I have a new favourite fighter jet.


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        Re: Clear My Six !!

        The SU47 Berkut 'Golden Eagle'. Awesome machine. You can watch the video here.
        YouTube - Re: Su 47 Berkut "Golden Eagle"

        The swept-forward wing, compared to a swept-back wing of the same area, provides a number of advantages: higher lift to drag ratio; higher capacity in dogfight maneuvers; higher range at subsonic speed; improved stall resistance and anti-spin characteristics; improved stability at high angles of attack; a lower minimum flight speed; and a shorter take-off and landing distance.
        and read more here,
        Sukhoi Su-47 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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          Re: Clear My Six !!





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