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  • GR Wildlands trailer...

    (Really should rename this sub-forum, GR series...)

    Sure looks pretty damn cool... kinda funny because when I was in the 80's Army as a MP, we deployed to Honduras for 6 months, are job as MP's were to escort Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters into the deep jungles of Honduras and surrounding Nations not allowed to say, we would pull perimeter on the resting helicopters make shift landing zones while groups of 4 to 6 men with no marking or insignia would disappear for hours at a time, sometimes (3 times for me), we would hear distant explosions, and an hour or so later they would come running out of the jungle, yelling to crank it up, get on board... we quickly would and disappear.

    Never knew who they were, what they did...etc etc, but we did get medals for drug enforcement operations after our return stateside.

    Makes you wonder, lol... like I said looks like a great game, my only concern is the greed of companies like Ubisoft, and I expect to see this turning from a military tactical operation game to a clown show game with stupid skins. ;)
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    Re: GR Wildlands trailer...

    [MENTION=1612]Magnum50[/MENTION], I'm sure those gentlemen who hopped off the helo were simply providing 'advice' to the locals, cool anecdote, thanks for sharing.

    I'm hoping GR Wildlands-Intel delivers. I doubt it will be necessarily have the level of realism of the very early GR games but to be fair the latter ones didn't either (Advanced Warfighter etc). Still it does look very good with lots of potential for teamwork and tactics. In my opinion going open world is exactly what the series needs and really expands the opportunities for tactics and approaches. Definitely a must buy for me.




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