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Alternatives to Hamachi?

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  • Alternatives to Hamachi?

    Some people are having problems connecting succesfully with Hamachi. Are there any alternative programs?

    Personally, I think it's a very well put together and intuitive program, but I want to check out the alternatives too.
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    Re: Alternatives to Hamachi?

    Hey Tybalt,

    I heard and saw a thread somewhere that mentioned BattleLan and after some research discovered another potential option called "Virtual Native Network" ( I have tried neither. John CANavar quoted the following on the thread Internet Multiplayer with regard to BattleLan (download :

    Originally Posted by D.Blackrain

    Here's Exactly What to do to play Online Co-Op.

    Download BattleLan V0.5 **ALL Players NEED This** BattleLan v0.5

    How To Play MP Co-Op :

    #1 The Host needs The Other 3 IP's of his Friends.

    #2 Host has those IP's he needs to place them into the BattleLan program.

    #3 The other Players need to place the HOST IP in the BattleLan program

    #4 Once Everyone has the IP's in the BattleLan program, You must click the Start button. *Make sure you click the ADD button and SAVE button so you dont need to do this step over and over.. *

    #5 Host sets up LAN server...

    #6 Now Run GRAW and Click Multiplayer. Host Lan Server should be there.

    I have tested this and Played several rounds.. Works great.. Good Luck have fun.. Gonna go play now




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