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Suggestions for Servers at release?

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  • Suggestions for Servers at release?

    Once we TGers start getting in-game, I'd like to suggest we pick a common tag that we all can use to set ourselves apart from everyone else.
    I've thumbed around the ol' SOP and cant find any protocol on this aside from Hamachi... so I'd like to suggest simply tagging it as it is now "Tactical Gamer 1", "Tactical Gamer 2", etc. Once in the server screen just log in or add servers as necessary. The TYPE of game SHOULD be listed already (co-op, domination, etc.)

    Most of us in here can easily accomodate 4 people with modern broadband connections. However, judging by the netcode and framerates in the demo version, full domination games are gonna be tough unless you have one of the new 3mb upload cable connections and/or a T1 or T3.

    Anyways, kind of an obvious suggestion but it'll help to locate eachother on the server browser(s).

    As for IP games, I'm assuming it's not supported since there isnt any real server-side support yet... but, I could be wrong. If that's the case, then you've gotta bark out your IP address on TS of course.

    As for password protection, I dont plan on playing with anyone else besides TG and those that TG know - unless it's off-peak and no one's on. So that means passwords on... i guess to keep it simple it'll stay "teamplay"??

    Anyways... i'm ready to play - where's my damned copy of this game?



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