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GameSpot review of GRAW for PC...

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  • GameSpot review of GRAW for PC...

    I thought this was funny as hell... now I'm not a big fan of GameSpot's reviews... there IMO out of touch with gamers and have there hands in the pockets of developers and publishers... hence the "exclusives"...

    GameSpot has reviews GRAW, I let you see it for yourself, but compared to the recent review of LockDown... according to GameSpot Lockdown is the better game, lol...

    Now I'm loving the game... playing about 4 to 6 hours a day right now... but man am I getting pissed about the save features and the team AI... so many times I work 30 to 60 minutes on a goal only to be killed near the end, sometimes my fault but most of the time because the AI can't see a enemy or the location there suppose to cover...

    and have you ever seen the sniper go prone and lay waste? I ordered him on a nice hill top, he doesn't do anything... then once the firing starts he's standing and sniping, lol...

    I order the machine gunner to suppress fire behind a car or at a corner, he stands in the middle like Rambo laying fire till he goes down...

    Like i said before, not as bad as Lockdown, but still terrible and questionable AI... IMO.
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    Re: GameSpot review of GRAW for PC...

    Hey, my Radeon 9600 does fine. I just think they're spoiled.


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      Re: GameSpot review of GRAW for PC...

      Originally posted by TychoCelchuuu
      Hey, my Radeon 9600 does fine. I just think they're spoiled.
      I'd have to agree with you, my x800XL radeon, 2.4GHz P4 and 2100 1gb RAM runs this game better than most I own now :/ I've only gotten one instance where my game stuttered a bit and that was during the end of the second campaign mission. Game looks good with the forced medium textures too :D I just can't seem to turn on AA, which can be a pain with iron sights, peaking around a corner.

      Also, that AI is pretty silly in some cases as Magnum50 mentioned. They like to sit in the middle of streets while under fire and dive (or shoot back). Had a few moments where they got stuck between one another, or some objects... which made their orders useless.... I'm trying to get into the habit of watching the tactical map to make sure they get the execute command, making my quick keys (f6 for execute orders) useless. :(

      Other than that, I'm loving the campaign. Spent about an hour and a half last night doing the third mission... got myself into one helluva pickle but eventually made it out without a casuality ;) All in all, I'm loving it. Just wish the AI was a bit more, but they do the job well enough as is.


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        Re: GameSpot review of GRAW for PC...

        The team AI is annoying but not as bad as Lockdown.

        I am abandoning SP mode though. COOP all the way for me. I can't stand how useless the friendly AI is.
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          Re: GameSpot review of GRAW for PC...

          I think the review hit it on the money.
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