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  • GRAW Tweaking Experiences

    As Bonehead posted here, there is a tweak guide out there for GRAW. I've made a couple of the referenced tweaks, but haven't seen a significant lift in MP FPS. Specifically, the tweaks I made were:

    <variable name="texture_managed_backdrop" value="true"/>
    I set all these varialbles to 'true' in the xml file. Supposedly this should be a benefit if you have 1 gig or more of system memory (I have 1.5 gigs).

    I also changed my Max Frames to Render Ahead (using ATI Tray Tool) to 1.

    Again, I see no significant lift in MP games. Typically, my frames drop significantly when there's a big explosion (e.g. an airstrike). I'll go from ~25 fps to ~12 fps for at least a minute or so after that.

    For reference, my rig:

    AMD 2600+
    ATI X850 XT, slightly overclocked
    1.5 Gigs DDR 333 RAM

    Anyone else have any success (or not) in getting a lift from any tweaks? Perhaps it's a bandwidth issue - I haven't tried single player yet with the new settings...

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    Re: GRAW Tweaking Experiences

    I tried all that too, didn't buy me much at all. In fact, some of the maps are unplayable at 1680x1050 with all settings on low and lights disabled. I've switched to 1280x800 and turned up some graphics, works okay. Sure would like native resolution though, but on map 3 it stays in the 20 or lower range for FPS.....unacceptable. Gotta be near 30 for smooth mouse movement for me.


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      Re: GRAW Tweaking Experiences

      And I thought BF2 was hardware intensive. I'd like to use my monitor's native res. which is 1920 x 1200 but the fps drops down to high 20s at just 1600 x 1200, so as of right now, I'm just sticking with 1280 x 1024 and thats running with a x2 4800, 2 gigs of ram, 2 x 7900gt sli and raptor drives.

      After setting everything to "true" I did notice the game smoothed out a bit and thats with the xml tweaks setting most things on high and some on medium now I'm getting 40 to 50s, but just wish I could run higher res.


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        Re: GRAW Tweaking Experiences

        Just installed the game yesterday and I know now why there's a thread about tweaking this game. It SUCKS system resources like crazy. Doing the standard driver update sweep actually sped things up for me by about 10 fps. I'm going to try some of the linked tweaks tonite and see how things go.




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