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  • Patch out NOW...

    Remember, there is two versions one for the boxed and one for the download version.

    Ghost Recon Advancved Warfighter v1.10


    Please make sure you do not install the download version of the patch for the retail/box version of the game and vice versa.
    Please be aware that this patch will overwrite your key bindings. To avoid any issues with this you MUST do this and remap your keys through the game interface.

    Numerous HUD fixes to prevent issues with cameras, inventory screens and resupply.
    Animation and lighting fixes for various objects.
    Fixed general synchronization problems in Cooperative and Domination modes.
    Destructible objects are correctly reset when restarting rounds in multiplayer.
    Issues causing user disconnects in multiplayer have been found and fixed.
    You can no longer remain invisible and kill players using grenades.
    Fixed crash that could occur after restarting rounds on Avenues map.
    Player can no longer spawn dead or remain living when the round restarts.
    Zone glitches on two multiplayer maps corrected.
    Game no longer crashes while attempting to open inventory out of Dom zone.
    Helicopters will no longer fall down in certain situations.
    Cooperative objective waypoints correctly appear after spawning into an AI ghost.
    Domination statistics have been adjusted.
    GRAW will no longer run as process priority "High", resolving keyboard problems.
    Interface updates

    Coop players can now see status of others in inventory. Gray means loading, yellow is not ready, green means good to go.
    You no longer have to press "Enter" to confirm input in the multiplayer interface. This should fix certain issues users were having with Gamespy login.
    In game chat can now be toggled to be visible or not. Default key for this is "u". You will still receive chat messages when this is hidden.
    Key bindings added for CrossCom actions. It is now possible to reassign the CrossCom previous and next buttons through the game interface. This change will resolve the issue for users with no mouse wheel.
    AGEIA updates

    Landscape meshes for levels tuned and updated for better AGEIA performance.
    Performance increase on bullet hit particles.
    Some stalls have been removed.
    A bug that caused zero vertices in baked fluid meshes has been fixed.
    A bug that caused the rigid bodies from a hand grenade explosion to fall through the ground has been fixed.
    A faster rendering mode has been added for debris particles.
    PhysX effects modified to use the faster rendering mode.
    Ghost Recon Advancved Warfighter v1.06


    Client no longer receives "CD key rejected" message when server dies in coop.
    Crosscom border now correctly disappears when spawning into AI ghost in coop.
    Fixed issues with leaving mission area in coop.
    Fixed in-mission inventory issues that could cause double gun objects.
    Player nicknames are now correctly shortened to fit Ghost leader HUD in coop.
    A memory leak occurring in certain situations when playing Domination has been sealed.
    Ghost AI is now less likely to stare at the walls when taking cover.
    Adjusted map settings and glitches on missions 3, 4 and 10.
    Certain animations have been corrected.
    Adjusted sounds for certain objects.
    Some text strings have been added or corrected.
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    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Patch out NOW...

    Woohoo. Nice post.

    Is this the patch that lets us drop vehicles on people? ;)


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      Re: Patch out NOW...

      Patch for retail in the TG Download area.
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        Re: Patch out NOW...

        "GRAW will no longer run as process priority "High", resolving keyboard problems. "

        That will fix alot of people's issues, I think. I know it will make things alot easier for me.


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          Re: Patch out NOW...

          I didn't see anything about the Gamespy issues.... (not recognizing username)
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            Re: Patch out NOW...

            that was fixed in the first patch.
            This is the 2nd.

            Still wish for direct IP thou.
            Magnum |TG-18th|

            We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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              Re: Patch out NOW...

              I have been away all week, so I have not a chance tp play with the patch. Have you all found that it has improved what it set out to do?

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                Re: Patch out NOW...

                Does this encompass all fixes? Do you need to install the first patch, then the second?

                Thx. Just got the game and want to patch it up to current.


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                  Re: Patch out NOW...

                  so no one knows if you can just load the 1.10 patch and forget the 1.06?

                  I can't find official info on it.


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                    Re: Patch out NOW...

                    Personally I'd do them both in order.

                    But that just might be me.

                    I seem to recall someone saying they were cumulitive but can't find it either.
                    I do what I can.

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                      Re: Patch out NOW...

                      Direct from one of the Dev's at GRIN in a pm to me - Re:Patch 1.10 ( From: GRiN_Stickan )


                      Patch 1.10 contains all of the fixes from 1.06, so you don't have to install both. Just 1.10 will do. Just be sure to get the correct one, "Retail" or "Download" depending on what version of the game you've got.

                      Glad you like it!





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