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  • GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

    Just to let folks know, Teamspeak Overlay works fine with GRAW. For those unfamiliar with TSO, it may behoove you to follow the link and give it a look.

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    Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

    My FPS drop from the 50's-60's to the teens and 20's with TSO activated. I am the only person I know to experience this problem, and have had it from day one and with two different video cards and processors. Just a heads up.

    But as I said, I am the only person I've ever known to have it - so you should definitely put it on.
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      Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

      I too have had this happen, but *only* in GT Legends.


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        Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

        it happens to me in GRAW, the only game I tried it with.


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          Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

          If you haven't, try experimenting with the various options. I know some games work better with "Debug" enabled, for instance.


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            Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

            I have the alternative direct x method enabled for it.. Get FPS's in the mid 30's, but that's what I expect on my 6600.
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              Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

              I keep getting this:

              ERROR: Download Denied
              Your download has been denied because you linked to here from an external site, or your Browser did not send the HTTP Referer field in its request.

              Certain Third-Party applications remove the HTTP Referer field, you should temporarily disable those applications if you wish to download Teamspeak Overlay

              Please goto the Teamspeak Overlay website and try again

              You will automatically be redirected in 20 seconds
              Any ideas of suggestions?

              EDIT: Norton Internet Security issue:

              I cannot download the update to the latest build becasue referers are blocked on my browser. This is common for most installations of Norton Internet Security (NIS). So for users such as myself NIS will not permit the browser to to advertize where it came from. Changing the parameter in NIS requires logging onto the firewall and digging through directories. Unfortunately for some users it is not a simple task. Remembering to reset the parameter is another issue.
              I disabled the app and it's downloading fine, along with lord-knows-what.


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                Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

                If you happen to need a new keyboard, get the G35. (with the lcd) I used to drop a lot of FPS with TSO, but there is a program that will show all the same info on your keyboard's LCD, and it doesn't drop game performance at all. Hope this helps.


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                  Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

                  TSO slows my FPS to a crawl in GRAW as well, but it's a great tool. I wish I could use it.
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                    Re: GRAW and Teamspeak Overlay

                    When I run TSO and GRAW I often have a complete computer crash, the computer reboot without notice. I have tried alternative direct x method and debug mode with no success.
                    Have installed the latest ATI driver (Catalyst 6.10), but not tried TSO after that yet. Had the crashes with Catalyst 6.09

                    Anyone else having this problem?

                    CPU type: DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E6700, 2666 MHz (10 x 267)
                    Moderboard: Asus P5W DH Deluxe
                    3D accelerator: ATI Radeon X1900XTX (R580)
                    RAM: GEIL 2048 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)
                    OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

                    I now got the Logitech G15 keyboard with the LCD showing TS info.




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