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GRAW2 info for the PC version...

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  • GRAW2 info for the PC version...

    copy/paste from UbiSoft forum mod, Razz...

    GRAW2 takes the player to a new level of immersion and realism, and provides a stronger tactical dimension.
    Tactical & PC Tailored gameplay

    Improved Tactical Map, HUD & orders system to plan & execute deadly strategies.

    New tactics & additional supports (unmanned ground-drone M.U.LE) thanks Cross-Com 2.0 communication system

    New team strategies, thanks to reworked teammate AI & deeper specialization

    New battlefields in wide rural, deserts zones, on both sides of the US/Mexico border

    Vastly Improved Multiplayer

    Exclusive “Recon versus Assault” Mode: Increased Recon into Multiplayer. Take control of a deadly Ghost Recon squad against the heavily armed Mexican renegades.

    Variety of Multiplayer modes from the classic team deathmatch to the Original Ghost Recon Coop and many others.

    Realistic Warfare Experience

    Lead the Ghosts during a 72h critical mission to save the US soil from a nuclear threat.

    Improved immersive & realistic technology : upgraded physics, new effects & graphics

    Accurate future war experience : Gear, weapons & supports based on the Integrated Warrior System, inspired by real life prototypes.
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    Re: GRAW2 info for the PC version...

    Well, bommando, that's interesting since 2142 has ALOT more technical glitches still unresolved than GRAW does, yet we're still playing alot of 2142.

    I'm not saying that work doesn't need to be done on GRAW and GRAW2 (it obviously does, namely on making the AI more human-like like in OGR), but come on! At least they did a better job on the technical stability side than EA did for their product.

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      Re: GRAW2 info for the PC version...

      GRAW was one of the buggiest and flat-out incomplete releases in recent memory. Since release, the stability and features have increased dramatically. However, the lag time between release and playable-for-everyone game led many people to simply abandon this excellent title - something for which I can not fault them for.

      I can only hope that Ubi has learned from this mistake and will give us a stable game with all of the features needed right off of the bat. I love the first GRAW, so hopefully GRAW2 will get things going wth this series.
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        Re: GRAW2 info for the PC version...

        i thought the game was very difficult and performed very poorly. I had the X360 version in my opinion was far superior to the PC
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