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excellent M4 mod w/ video...

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  • excellent M4 mod w/ video... has a link to a new M4 weapons mod for GRAW...worth checking out, even a video clip showing the weapon...


    Brettzies M4 Mod for GRAW
    Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 24 2007
    Brettzies latest version of his M4 weapon mod for GRAW has been released. I have no hesitation in calling this latest version arguably the most professionally packaged Ghost Recon mod ever released.

    Of course, it's not just the packaging that impresses, the quality of the weapon models are already illiciting some great feedback in the forums...

    "Damn fine job, ... awesome" BAT21
    "outstanding work" Marcinko
    "awesome" Ballistic
    "excellent series of weapon mods" Zebb

    To see what I mean when refering to the mod package, download this movie that includes custom animated Ghost Recon character models displaying the new weapon models. Even if you don't intend on installing the mod, check out the movie - it's extremely polished. The mod download also includes an extensive and easy on the eye PDF readme file.

    The links are on there front page.
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