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Details Released About Upcoming Patch

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  • Details Released About Upcoming Patch

    It seems a new patch will be released on Monday, 13 August. According to a recent post in Ubiís forums, we can expect the following fixes:

    Originally posted by Black_Widow9, Ubi Forum Manager

    List of fixes
    - Fixed some firewall server browsing issues.
    - Fixed server sorting to sort on number of players instead of max.
    - Fixed save crash on Ageia Island when running Extreme Physics mode.
    - Fixed missing Rate of Fire sound on the HK21.
    - Enabled all Map Editor functions.
    - Added tutorials to \public-tools\tutorials\ (Only available in English)
    - Added various modding tools to \public-tools\
    - hud_visibility.xml added to settings folder, which enables advanced users to select transparency of hud elements.
    - hud_palett_2.xml added to settings folder, enables advanced users to change the colors of the hud and menus.
    - Fixed some issues with weapon mod equipping / removing.
    - Fixed some faulty server settings.
    - Fixed some collision issues on multiplayer maps.
    - Fixed bugs and occasional crashes.
    - Ghost speech properly disabled if you uncheck Voice Quotes in options
    - Additional fixes to the Serverlisting.
    - Fixed the bug when you tried to add favorites on a newly created profile.

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    Re: Details Released About Upcoming Patch

    Yeah the players sorting max was reported when I did beta, ermm Took them this long huh.. Looks like a good patch




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