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Rethinking "Bounding overwatch" in rolling terrain

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  • Rethinking "Bounding overwatch" in rolling terrain

    Grout and I played GRAW1 PC coop to death whe it came out. We did the entire campaign in coop with some combination of either AI or other freinds on hard and even hardcore, along with many other custom coop missions. We got very very tight at bounding overwatch in downtown mexico city .....

    But GRAW1 PC was big time urban environments. buildings and parks in cities etc. Lots or well defined 90 degree corners and flat roof tops to keep eyes on. The angles were so easily understood and predictable as you executed the technique that mistakes became rare except when we got sloppy.

    GRAW2 is oh so different. and IMHO, much harder. This new, open and rolling terrain of GRAW2 has created new challenges for me (as a Grunt and as an SL) that I have yet to fully grasp how to stop the bleeding. Although the concept of bounding overwatch still works for me as a squad leader, it works less in the way I'm used to doing it. I am making many more mistakes in this new, 3 dimensional, amorphous environment than I did in GRAW1, and it deserves to be discussed.

    What is the optimal size of a fire team in this terrain?

    What are the best loadout distributions among those players?

    What are the strategies for using a small sniper buddy group to provide static overwatch?

    I'm really not asking any particular question so much as just trying to get a discussion going on this topic. But my reduced ability to control my environment as as Grunt or SL in GRAW2 (as compared to how proficient I became in GRAW1) leads me to think that a discussion is in order.

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    Re: Rethinking "Bounding overwatch" in rolling terrain

    I think it is a must to have a sniper on every squad. The AI snipers are very good and don't miss. I think you need the high power scope to find them sometimes.
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