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  • GRAW2 mods released...

    GRAW2 for the PC mods released. (Thanks to for the news.)

    "Shadow has released an updated version of his popular realism modification for GRAW 2."

    "Wolfsong has released a new alpha build of his massive GRAW 2 Extended modification. This mod primarily redifines the whole kit set up, with new classes and upwards of 100 kits to select from. This new version includes many fixes and new features, including access to the previously locked Ageia Island!"

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    Re: GRAW2 mods released...

    Well it is a good mod, it makes it more like original GR... but still GRAW2 was made to be a (in the future) type game...

    info and download at


    * Adds G36K as a primary weapon in the selection menu.
    * Adds G36C as a secondary weapon in the selection menu.
    * Adds RPG-7 as a backpack weapon in the selection menu.
    * Adds an additionaly 9 more 40mm grenades to the M32.
    * Adds 4 more grenades and smokeshells (total=8) and takes up 2 slots instead of 1.
    * Increases Beretta RX4 kill-power (same amount as SCAR L).
    * Increases HK45 kill-power by roughly 25%.
    * Increases Beretta M9 kill-power by roughly 25%.
    * Increases FN M249 ammo-belt from 180 to 200.
    * Reduces M32 weight by 1 slot.
    * Removes all rifle crosshairs and crosscom markers (\settings\hud_visibility.xml).
    * Removes marker for objective-position (all map-markers remains unaffected) (\settings\hud_visibility.xml).
    * Replaces some weapon names with the correct names (MK45 is HK45 etc).
    * Unlocked the Ageia level.


    V 1.0b
    - Initial release, see features-section.

    V 1.1b
    - Added "RX4 sight" to M416, SCAR L, SCAR H, G36K and G36C.
    - Decreased recoil slightly for M249 when in ironsights.
    - Removed Mule and Drone markers.

    V 1.2
    - Bundled all files into a proper bundle mod-file for easier switching between this and other mods.
    - Moved the shotgun to the secondary weapon selection.
    - Added selectable aimpoint for XM8 Compact and reduced weapon weight by 1 block.

    V 1.3
    - Fixed weapon icon for G36C (Thanks GRIN_Wolfsong)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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      Re: GRAW2 mods released...

      BE WARNED... this one is a alpha, and many people are reporting it not working... it is made by a Grin employee, but not officially... read how to install it if you want, more info at

      =====( GRAW2 EXTENDED )=====

      ========( Contents )========

      ------( v1.5.2 ALPHA )------
      +Fixed AI not noticing player bug in Coop.
      +Fixed Mission 03 crash bug from the 1.5 patch.
      +Fixed broken effect links.
      +Fixed sound bank errors on some levels.
      +Increased team size to 6 in Campaign Coop.
      +Added 5 more team AI in SP.
      +Added "death" state in SP. AI lost during a campaign will no longer come back.
      +Added pre-defined kits for all team members and all missions.
      +Moved MP Predator from primary slot to backpack.
      +Fixed internal body linking and texture link warnings/errors on a few hundred units.

      ------( v1.5.1 ALPHA )------
      +Ads new kit setup for MP and Coop, with new classes and over 100 kits to select from.
      +Includes special classes which will not be used in the standard kit restriction in later versions.
      +Adds G36K and G36C to SP load out, with fixed kit icons.
      +Adds restrictions to team AI load out in SP and Campaign Coop.
      +Changes arming distance on GL round to 25m.
      +Changes draw distance to 300m.
      +Changes AI awareness distances.
      +Fixes a couple of graphic bugs found.

      ========( Installation )========

      Unrar contents into GRAW2 installation folder.

      Included files:
      graw2_extended.bat <-- Start file for mod
      graw2_extended_context.xml <-- Context file for mod
      graw2_extended_readme.txt <-- Info file for mod
      clean_xmb.bat <-- Support file to clean out old XMB files
      mods/graw2_ext_152_alpha.bundle <-- Content file for mod

      Correct placement of included files for mod to work (in case it got extracted somewhere else):
      "your GRAW2 folder"/graw2_extended.bat
      "your GRAW2 folder"/graw2_extended_context.xml
      "your GRAW2 folder"/graw2_extended_readme.txt
      "your GRAW2 folder"/clean_xmb.bat
      "your GRAW2 folder"/mods/graw2_ext_152_alpha.bundle

      =======( How to use )=======

      To play the game with this mod, start the game by using the included graw2_extended.bat file.

      To play the game without this mod, simply start the game by using the original graw2.exe file.

      To use this mod while playing in MP as a player, you have to start the game with
      the included BAT file and join a server running this mod.

      !! You can not join a server not using this mod if you have started the game with the included BAT file !!

      To setup a dedicated server to use this mod, these steps has to be followed:
      1. Uploaded mod files to the server in the correct places as listed above.
      2. Edit the context-standalone.xml file and add the tag
      after the initial script tag.

      Please see full README file for example start of context-standalone.xml file

      3. Start up the server as normal.

      ========( Warnings )========
      !! The extended draw distance increases the minimum hardware specs and will approximetly half your FPS. !!
      !! I would recommend at least a duo core to run the game with this mod. !!

      This mod will not work well with another mod in a local folder overriding it.

      Although it should work with most custom levels out there, there is always the possibility that
      mods may collide somewhere. Each custom level has to be tested for compatibility, which is easiest
      done by running the game with the mod and starting a LAN server with the maps you want to test
      and then simply starting each level. If it crashes, this mod won't work with that level for some reason.

      ======( Support Info )======
      This mod was created by GRIN_Wolfsong in his own time; support is through the or forums, not Ubisoft or GRIN.
      Magnum |TG-18th|

      We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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        Re: GRAW2 mods released...

        I just got GRAW2 last night if anyone is interested in playing...

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