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  • Weapon mod released

    Spotted this on today. Someone has released a new Mk.16 6.88mm SCAR-L in addition to the standard H and L. Apparently it falls right in between the two in terms of recoil, ROF, and damage. It also adds some additional optics to the other SCAR models. Here's details:

    What it does:
    1. Replaces the names of some equipment and weapons with real world names.
    2. Adds a third variation of the SCAR, a SCAR-L in 6.8 x 43 mm Special Purpose Cartridge.
    This is the Mk16 Mod1 (fictional name, as the the SCAR-L was recently classified as the
    Mk16 Mod0). Visually, I have replaced the mag texture with a texture from PRI's 25 round
    6.8mm magazine. The Mk16 Mod0 is still available with the dark earth mag texture.
    3. Allows you to choose any optic for the SCAR series (all working).
    4. Is bundled with the Blood mod 1.0, also available at
    And the link to get the DL:

    Apparently you CAN use this in coop mode.
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    Re: Weapon mod released

    A SCAR-L in 6.8 SPC should be nice!

    Thanks for posting this.


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      Re: Weapon mod released

      Interesting mod, the optics besides the aimpoint and sniper scope are not that special. Just needs some refinement on the location of the crosshairs.


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        Re: Weapon mod released

        I dont think they are releasing any modding tools, just map editors.




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