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New TvT Map: EU Manhunt

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  • New TvT Map: EU Manhunt

    There is a new TvT map running in rotation on our server called EU Manhunt. Your computer will download this map provided that you follow these steps:

    1) When you encounter the map on our GRAW server for the first time, you will likely be kicked from the server. If this happens, simply reconnect to the server.

    2) The game will inform you that you do not have the necessary map, and you should see a button to Download the map. Click this button. The map will be downloaded to your computer.

    3) You will then be instructed to restart GRAW. This means that you will have to exit completely out of the game, and then restart it.

    4) Once you're back in the game, you can then reconnect to our server and play on the new map.

    You will only have to follow this process once when you encounter a map on our server that you do not have on your computer.

    Alternatively, you can download the map manually and install it yourself by placing the following files in your ..\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels directory:



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