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Tactical Gamer Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Online Gaming (Basic Rules of Conduct)

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  • Tactical Gamer Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Online Gaming (Basic Rules of Conduct)

    Tactical Gamer Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Online Gaming (Basic Rules of Conduct)
    • No swearing.
    • No abusive behaviour.
    • No racist, sexist, or homophobic behaviour.
    • Respect for Tactical Gamer and other members must be maintained at all times.
    • The elected or appointed in-game Team Leader's commands and directions are to be followed at all times.
    • The Team Leader's delegation of Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie sub-leaders will be adhered to as well.
    • Individual kit loadouts are to be consistent with the Team Leader's request.
    • Inappropriate or unsociable use of online gaming systems will be dealt with at the discretion of the Tactical Gamer Administrators.

    Tactical Gamer Administrators function as troubleshooters, helping to maintain a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, both in forums and online gaming. Administrators are able to give warnings, close threads, and move threads in all forums. In addition, Administrators implement "time outs" or bans if members fail to follow the rules or heed a number of warnings. The Administrators have the right to remove any post, topic, or person for any reason they see fit. Administrators and Tactical Gamer Moderators are the only players who have the right to exercise or take disciplinary actions within the context of Tactical Gamer's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter forums and online game play. The Admins are here to ensure that players are having fun on the server and also to maintain gameplay that is expected on Tactical Gamer servers.

    In regard to server settings, Admins will only change server settings if players are unanimous with the decision. Maps/missions will not be changed unless there is a specific problems. If the last Admin is leaving the server, the configuration will be set to default. Admins can change the server to default settings at any time. The default configuration has been set to provide the type of gameplay expected at Tactical Gamer. Administrators reserve the right to override unanimous requests for server changes in the event that the request violates the overall Tactical Gamer code of conduct.
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