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"Why do I keep on dying horribly?"

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  • "Why do I keep on dying horribly?"

    So you've just gotten home from the store, torn off the plastic and now have GRAW sitting happily on your hard-drive. After failing the first mission a hundred different ways, it's probably time to look at some handy hints and tips to keep you alive.
    • Your squad is there for a reason. Use them. The enemy outnumber you greatly, and there's no way you can kill them all yourself. Sure, you might get a couple. But they'll get you more often than not. Use the Tactical Map (accessed via the TAB key) to get a real-time overview of your position, and use this to plot out your strategy. Try and ensure that each of your squad-members are covering a different angle, and that the waypoints that you placed provide plenty of cover for the AI. They're smart, but they won't be able to hide behind anything in the middle of a street.

    • Don't rush in. Take time to plan, organise and then go shoot people.

    • Leaning is your friend.

    • As are the diving and sliding prone keys (control or space while sprinting).

    • Heck, even crouching and going prone are your friends.

    • The squad-leader is far more valuable than a squad member. If the SL dies, the mission ends. If a squad-member dies...then you live to fight another day, minus the cost of sending flowers to his funeral. As SL, you shouldn't be leading the pack through the follow command - it'll end in tears.

    • Suppress and flank, suppress and flank. Mexico City is a veritable maze of streets, back-alleys and shortcuts that you can use to get behind your opponents.

    • If an enemy takes cover behind something, try a frag grenade or grenade launcher. If thrown correctly, it should kill them, destroy their cover or flush them out.

    • Read this forum. TGers love to post helpful tips or tactics, and remember to share some of your own.

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    Re: "Why do I keep on dying horribly?"

    Well thats all said and good, and works in theory... but I got to tell you... the AI is dumb as rocks... not nearly as bad as Lockdown AI, but still... they seem to know nothing about cover...

    I order a member to a location like at a corner... he runs to the corner and takes shots, they are smart enough, once under fire to take some cover.

    I watched a rifleman fire at a enemy, re-load standing out in the open with a nice cover wall on the left and wood crates on the right.

    I sent a member across the street to get a nice cross-fire on the subjects, ops sorry...tangos... and he looks the other way, where we cleared.

    I've had to do most of the killing, because of there dumbness...

    That being said, I have seen the sniper, call out sniper and pop that mo fo in the head... nice shot.

    I have seen the SAW gunner lay some nice, wicked suppression fire, while I flanked.

    And the enemy AI is alot better then that "other" game.. hiding, moving from cover to cover for the shot... but then at the same time have seen them standing there looking at birds I guess.

    Overall thou... I'm loving it for what it is... back to Mexico.
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