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  • "VIP 2 is Down" Vids

    **Spoilers Ahead!**

    I found some interesting videos linked in the GR forums to the end sequence of the third mission, "VIP 2 is down". It's in single player, but since this will probably be a popular coop map until something new comes along I thought I'd share. This guy takes a little different approach than I took in SP, or have seen taken in coop. The first clip isn't anything groundbreaking, aside from the fact that he single-handedly defends the first wave of attack on the embassy. The second clip points out a pretty solid defense position we may want to experiment with in coop. It certainly takes a LOT of the heat off the squad leader. But you'll notice he has trouble with the last tank.

    Clip #1
    Clip #2

    There's also some pretty neat views of the fireworks produced by the Apaches toward the end. Also notice he uses the Apaches against the APC's and infantry.

    I think it would be fun to experiment with additional defense positioning around the embassy in coop mode! In hindsight, it seems like packing everyone inside is a bad idea.
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    Re: "VIP 2 is Down" Vids


    Pretty impressive. That wasn't the first time through that mission I'm guessin!




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