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  • Movement to contact discussion...

    Playing GRAW with you guys last Sunday and Monday night was fantastic, especially with the new maps and new modes we tried.

    And here I was thinking about taking a long break from PC gaming, at least till Armed Assault comes out, but this past weekends games has me ready for re-deployment next Sunday or Monday night. So much for my break. lol

    I was thinking, and this is just for discussion, I dare not be accused of trying to be an admin or too demanding for another game. ;)

    Anyway... Movement to Contact, especially in a game like this where we really have no clue where the enemy team is but know that we have to hunt him down and terminate them, and him the same to us.

    Depending on how many are on a team is how many sub-teams you would have. To keep it simple and realistic for this games purpose and most others we play. We will call our team the "squad", and our sub-teams the "fireteams".

    When mission starts there should be a squad leader who's job is to coordinate the action. Without making this post to long or going into un-needed detail, I'll shorten my examples and get to the meat of the discussion. I really wanted to find some way of showing what I mean by graphic images like I did with SWAT4, but I just ain't got the time for that, so hopefully you'll understand.

    The squad leader should be in the rear of the fireteams so he can coordinate. The primary fireteam, usually Alpha team usually includes about 3 people, one of them being the SAW machine gunner.

    The first thing you need to do before killing the enemy, is to find them, that is the purpose of Alpha team, they move out ahead using 3 to 5 second rushes forward and behind cover then scanning the area. There the bait.

    When alpha team makes contact and begins engaging, they should of course try to kill the enemy, but there main purpose is to call in the targets and there locations, and how many. They then lay suppressive fire on the enemy to either pin them or force them to retreat.

    If the enemy stays pinned then the squad leader should send another team that was behind and to the left or right of Alpha team, to the best flank to move in and kill the enemy. It's imperative that this second team, we will call them Bravo team, it is imperative that bravo team get in there and flank the enemy fast, Alpha can't last forever, and the enemy may make a plan by then, so quickly flank the enemy and destroy them. if bravo team runs into more of the team, then all teams should consider backing up under fire to better control the firepower and battlefield.

    If theres a third team, Charlie team, they can flank opposite side of Bravo team, putting the enemy in a pincher, or if need be, can be sent by the squad leader to support Alpha team, maybe from high ground, or add to Bravo's flanking power.

    Now say the the enemy is brave and getting a upper hand on the battle, they start pushing alpha team back. Thats OK, work with it... Let alpha team keep the enemy busy and pushing deeper in your control area, they will get cocky, think there winning, then you can simply have bravo and/or Charlie teams squeeze them dead, bring them into your kill zone of choice.

    Be careful, think of that when you start pushing the enemy back.

    As a squad leader, you need to take charge and demand your fire teams do what you need them to do. They will naturally in game and in real war want to rush forward and engage the enemy or help there comrades, best thing to do is use your brain and a plan to flank, squeeze, and kill the enemy instead of two armies face to face.

    Feel free to add more to this discussion.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: Movement to contact discussion...

    Great stuff, Magnum -- please keep it coming. This is one way that new gameplay SOPs get created. :)


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      Re: Movement to contact discussion...

      Can't say I know enough yet to actually add anything to this, but I'd like to say its posts like these that makes it easier for me to become a better team player. I'll sure try to encourage this while I'm on :D


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        Re: Movement to contact discussion...

        I hope that we'll adopt, as a TG GRAW SOP, the selection of a team leader at the beginning of each round - COOP or TvT.

        Of course many TvT rounds are small and informal: we can waive this at any time, and some of the best teams are highly collaborative with co-equal partners instead of designated leaders. But it's a good habit to get into and we ought to start establishing good habits. For once thing, assuming this leadership role is good training in how to think about tactics in real time, under pressure, I think.

        In the upcoming boot camps, session II, we'll be going over a (slightly modified) version of the React To Contact battle drill from the US Army FM7-8. Magnum has already described many of the guts of that drill, but we'll be going through it in detail, with fire, in real time. Come one come all!

        Great post, M-ditty.


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          Re: Movement to contact discussion...

          Originally posted by leejo View Post
          I hope that we'll adopt, as a TG GRAW SOP, the selection of a team leader at the beginning of each round - COOP or TvT.
          It exists for Coop; I'll have to update it to include TvT.

          EDIT: SOP updated to include TvT.
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