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2nd Mission, Stage 8; How to beat it?

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  • 2nd Mission, Stage 8; How to beat it?

    I've been attempting to complete the 8th stage of the 2nd mission with no success. This is the section of the mission in which you must escort an APC carrying VIPs and you're then ordered to the rooftop of a parking garage to rearm. I've been picked off every time by some extremely deadly snipers.

    Each time I've rearmed my team with the SCAR-H's equipped with scope and GL's. I've found the SCAR-H to be quite a good sniping rifle and I can always pick off 2 of the snipers with relative ease. The problem is that I'm always killed by some unseen sniper when I venture to the front section of the roof. I've also tried to not bother with the snipers and just return to the APC and my team on the ground floor, but I usually always get picked off by one of the snipers.

    What's the best tactic for this stage?
    Should I just rearm and sprint back down to the APC and my team, hoping to survive the guantlet?
    Or should I have my team escort me -not even sure if this is doable- to the rooftop and have them provide cover fire and hopefully take out the snipers?

    To make matters worse everytime I try to reload the the 8th checkpoint/stage save I get a C++ error message and GRAW crashes <grrr>!! I then have to restart and reload the stage.

    I've been trying to find a good strategy guide for GRAW but all I've been able to find are guides specific to the X360 version; which I've noticed sounds to be considerably easier than the PC version; would be nice to rearm with rocket launchers. Does anyone know where I can find a good PC GRAW guide?

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    Re: 2nd Mission, Stage 8; How to beat it?

    I beat this mission by selecting less-exposed firing positions and clearing the area of snipers before proceeding to the roof to rearm and resupply.

    If you keep getting killed in a spot, don't go to that spot until you eliminate the threat. "A sucking chest wound is nature's way of telling you to slow down."


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      Re: 2nd Mission, Stage 8; How to beat it?

      What I did in that situation was stuck to the middle floor of the car park. Once behind cover, I used the over-head map and checked all nearby rooftops for snipers. If I found one, I stayed on the middle level of the carpark (was great cover from the baddies below and the snipers up top), but moved to the outer edges so I could take out the snipers one by one.

      Give that a run, see how you do. Should remember though, just 'cause you can't see 'em don't mean they ain't there.

      I'm sig-nifying that quote.


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        Re: 2nd Mission, Stage 8; How to beat it?

        I just did that level that way. Clodhopper

        Rock solid level. Its all in catching the snipers off guard
        Take it for the team


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          Re: 2nd Mission, Stage 8; How to beat it?

          Send your drone out and scan the area. Can't remember if you have UAV support during that time? Either way just take it slow and like many of others have said, stay behind cover in the middle floor.


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            Re: 2nd Mission, Stage 8; How to beat it?

            Might want to check the date on the thread, it's over a year old!
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