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GRAW-Specific Technique for Indirect Fire-Missions

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  • GRAW-Specific Technique for Indirect Fire-Missions

    Hello everyone! Name's Stud, & I'm a first-time poster/longtime reader. Before I get to the meat of this post, a little bit about me...

    I'm from Arizona USA. I have several of the games featured here at Tactical Gamer. I've found this community after searching aimlessly for a game that would promote teamwork, where solid tactics lead to success just as much as twitch-clicking. After getting my *** handed to me by bunny-hoppers with concs in Jedi Knight, I was generally turned off to the run-&-gun style of play that's still so common. I found this place on an internet search, & found that it had just what I was looking for! I think its a benefit to ppl who want a thinking-person’s style of gaming, playing with people who know what they're doing, working together instead of spread across the map, & who are determined to have fun.

    [Main Paragraph]
    Now myself, I've only been playing GRAW for a few weeks now; I got it after the 1.30 release, & I'm afraid I don't have much to offer the more experienced players, but I noticed a way to call & provide indirect fire missions (at least in co-op) that would incorporate the Radio SOP from the original Ghost Recon game, but would speed things up a little.

    Reference: Ghost Recon "SOP (Radio): The Fire Mission"

    If this method's been mentioned before, I’m sorry. It’s purely a coincidence.

    Now, here's what you will need...

    FIRE TEAM (x2 players)
    Teammate 1) MUST be SL with eyes on target.
    Teammate 2) Grenadier with rifle-mounted M230 launcher. No need to see target area, but must have an unobstructed path to arc grenade over.

    Here’s how it goes…

    Teammate 1 / SL activates tactical view and places waypoint right over the intended target.

    Teammate 1 says over teamspeak:
    "Two, this is One ..... FIRE MISSION ..(pause for comm to quiet).. target waypoint .... enemy machine-gun nest centered in the plaza.... identify and engage."

    Teammate 2 replies:
    "Fire Mission .... Reference waypoint (Two gives HIS compass heading & distance from the waypoint) .... Enemy machine-gun nest in central plaza .... Target not identified .... send corrections"

    TWO will then center his reticule on the waypoint marker in his HUD. Once centered, he will note the distance from HIM as stated inside the waypoint box. He should already be switched to GL and will then use the distance markers on his reticule (account for meters to feet) to elevate his gun to his best guess of the angle.

    ONE should switch to tactical view & pan until the target is centered in the camera. His job is to watch for Two’s explosion clouds and direct his elevation from there. NOTE: One only needs to correct how FAR or NEAR Two’s shots should hit, the waypoint on Two’s screen should already indicate which compass heading he should face.

    ONE: “Roger…Target not identified… will correct.”
    TWO: “Round away (single ranging round fired)
    ONE:: “Identified… Add / Drop (increments of 5 or 10)”
    TWO: “Round away (single ranging round fired)
    ONE: “On Target… Fire for Effect!”
    TWO: “On Target… Fire for Effect! (rounds are fired as soon as they’re reloaded. Two fires until One tells him to stop).
    ONE: “STOP… Target neutralized… Cease fire”
    TWO: “Target neutralized… Cease fire… End Fire Mission.”

    NOTES: I think the hashmarks on the grenade launcher reticule are measured in feet, and the waypoint marker is measured in meters, so as someone else on this forum already mentioned, you should have a calculator and/or a conversion chart handy. One can be easily found on the internet by searching for “meters AND feet” or “metric AND imperial.”

    Depending on the familiarity of the teammates to each other’s playing styles, this system can be abbreviated as necessary.

    With this system, it’s possible to have the effectiveness of an artillery barrage within a small, organic fire team or squad. Combine this with the extra grenade option for your grenadier and the infinite possible team compositions to use this with, maybe we have something to play with.

    Thanks for bearing with me for my rant, & I hope to get online soon and meet you all.

    |TG-Irr| StudM1

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    Re: GRAW-Specific Technique for Indirect Fire-Missions

    Good post Stud. I love the idea of using GLs as indirect fire. In practice, it's dicey, but I like where your head is. Hope to see you online soon.




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