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  • PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

    This thread is here for official PR: ArmA [DEV] updates ONLY. Any comments not containing direct [DEV] Quotes, pictures or video will be removed. Another open thread has been created HERE, so feel free to comment on new thing PR: ArmA there.

    The award-winning Project Reality Studios team are proud to announce that the official first release of v0.1 of the Project Reality ArmA2 Mini-Mod will be coming very soon. Although we are now moving into the Beta Testing stage, we think the time is right to inform the community of what will be coming to you very shortly. Project Reality will enter the ArmA2 battlefield for the first time!

    Our main aim for PR:ArmA2 is:

    "To create a realistic and immersive modification for ArmA2, which focuses on encouraging teamwork through gameplay"

    As with Project Reality's original conception on the Refractor 2 engine, at this stage PR:ArmA2 should be classed as a Mini-Mod; we have to start somewhere! Don't be fooled though, this release will by no means disappoint, due to the large number of high quality art assets already created by the Project Reality Team, and the considerable experience of the PR:ArmA2 Development Team on the Real Virtuality 3 engine!

    PR:ArmA2 will exist as a standalone modification. It will remain self contained, self developing and not rely on or use externally held add ons from other sources where at all possible. What that means to the player is that it will be a 'one stop shop' as an installation package, with no requirement for additional multiple add on packs.

    We also want to emphasis we are not in direct competition with any of the other great mods out there. However as a team we want to see what we can now do with the Real Virtuality 3 engine, as well as the continued full scale continued development of PR for Battlefield2. We are not in any way changing engines. We have simply expanded the team's reach into ArmA2 with new developers. It is not PR2, nor are we ceasing PR:BF2 development.

    -Official Project Reality ArmA2 Mini-Mod v0.1 Release Trailer
    Project Reality Studios has created the following trailer to showcase many of the features you will find in the PR:ArmA2 v0.1 release. So, dim the lights, grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!

    -From concept to creation
    The original concept came from [R-DEV]UK_Force over 9 months ago; the aim was to create a modification of ArmA2 in line with the Project Reality vision, bringing PR-style gameplay to the Real Virtuality 3 engine. This project has finally overcome the first hurdle towards becoming a reality with its first release, due soon. The team has drawn on some of the finest ArmA2 modders and developers, and following their amalgamation production, started in earnest with work going on behind the scenes to make this happen before official announcement.

    It now gives us great pleasure to officially welcome the personalities resposible for PR:ArmA2 into the Project Reality development team. In doing so, we would like to take this moment to thank them for their hard work over the last few months. We are very proud to officially welcome [R-DEV]StalkerGB, [R-DEV]DeanosBeano, [R-DEV]Dr_Eyeball and [R-DEV]trini_scourge as the newest additions to the Project Reality Development Team!

    Mirroring Project Reality's original goal, the British Army are featured strongly in this initial release, with a Taliban opposition all set on a beautiful Afghanistan-themed map, created by [R-DEV]DeanosBeano.

    The advantages of using a more modern graphical environment really shows off the original PR art assets to their full potential - you'll look at the Scimitar, Challenger and all the others in a whole new light! [R-DEV]StalkerGB has put in many hours working on the infantry models and his work can be seen in all its glory. Ever up-to-date, we even bring you the new British MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) uniforms announced by the Ministry of Defence last month!

    As you would expect from any Project Reality development, gameplay improvements will feature strongly. These will take some time to get to where we want, however there have already been changes made to reflect PR-style gameplay, courtesy of [R-DEV]Dr_Eyeball, who has brought over his Devastation Mod to the project. This will form the basis of PR:ArmA2 gameplay.

    We are now happy to announce that PR:ArmA2 is at Beta Stage, and as we are sure you can understand, due to the gameplay changes implemented, this is a very important part we need to get right. We plan on releasing PR:ArmA2 v0.1 in the near future. Please be patient with us and keep an eye on the newly added PR:ArmA2 Forums, as well as keeping up to date with the latest Project Reality news for future developments on a concrete release timeframe.

    With the creative talents and realism-based goals of the current contributors already in place, this will surely develop into a great ArmA2 mod; so expect a lot more to follow in the future. As always, the Project Reality Studios team would like to thank all those who make our developments possible; in this case the supporting ArmA2 mod sites, server providers, and of course our dedicated community for all their continued support. Without your combined efforts and contributions, Project Reality would not be where it is today and certainly would not be expanding into the ArmA2 arena. See you on the new battlefield soon!

    -The Project Reality Team

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    Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

    Highlights Reel 1

    Firstly Hello and a big welcome to the Project Reality ArmA2 Highlights Reel #1. In the same fashion as PR: BF2, we intend to keep the PR Community updated on PR: ArmA2. The last few weeks since announcing our Modification have been, in a word - Hectic. The response to the announcement overall was fantastic, and it already seems to have a good following, although a large update here, I hope this Highlight Reel entices more to the Community, and keeps those already following it up to date with our progression so far.

    - Team Update
    Behind the scenes the Management Team have been looking to expand the PR:ArmA2 team. The response was very positive, with a healthy team in place we should now be able to move forward in other areas of Development. Our current team list below shows the commitment and dedication we now have with some very talented team members.

    - Current Ongoing Work
    As we initially mentioned in our announcement, PR:ArmA2 will be a self contained and self developed Modification, and as you can see over the last few weeks the team have been hard at work both Developing and Brainstorming, in the form of both meetings, steering groups and general chat in our TS3 Server. Inevitably this has now provided us with work to do and here are some of the current things we are Developing. As you can see a lot of them will be Exclusive for PR, and are all being developed internally. All this work is actively under development however only time will tell if they all make v0.1:

    PR Exclusive - Stamina / Weight System
    Something we are looking at developing in a new way, however it will be based on:
    1. the weight of objects carried in the player's inventory
    2. location of the wounds (eg. legs)
    3. level of blood loss, and;
    4. the speed the unit was traveling eg walking vs running vs sprinting
    The player would suffer - shortness of breath, hand tremor, very short black-outs. This is also being looked at for vehicles, which will affect suspension and speed depending on cargo, etc.

    PR Exclusive - Medical & Wounded System
    This is a big area however in short we are looking at a much more accurate and intricate health and medical care system than the one currently available in game. Units may fall unconscious if enough damage, pain or blood loss occurs ?€“ these units can be resuscitated - as in the real world with appropriate medical attention. Following resuscitation and depending on their injuries they may continue to take an active part in a mission or they may require CASEVAC and further medial attention.

    PR Exclusive - Firing Personal Weapons from Helicopters & Vehicles
    As we know it's possible already for UH1s, Blackhawks and APCs to use the attachTo command to shoot from them, although not perfect. We are currently looking at a much simpler system which will cover all platforms.

    PR Exclusive - TS3 Plugin (Using British Bowman Radio Models)
    Replacing the ingame VOIP and having a robust defined VOIP for PvP is very important to us, and we are currently working closely with the Developers of the TS3 plug in and our own sound artists to create a PR Version of this. Every soldier has short range capability and direct 3d sound,but they need a radio or vehicle for long range. The plan is to have a Personal Role Radio(PRR ) for the short range radio and a PRC 325 (HF) for the long range radio. Later we will look at having UCD's for vehicles and add medium range radio with a PRC 355/VRC 359 (VHF), as you can see the Bowman Radio Kit is pretty much modeled already.

    PR Exclusive - RCON Tool for Server Admins
    As the title suggests a dedicated set of RCON Tools for Server admins, this will be a god send and help them to admin the PR Server a lot easier. The tool will be customisable too. The Tactical Gamer community are currently helping with the development of this, and will be carrying out private testings of this tool.

    PR Exclusive - Complete Sound Package
    Sounds in PR: ArmA2 will play a huge part to the overall Mod, and we have drawn up a concise and complete plan for the overall Sound Package. In the short term we are looking at building Sound Environments for Afghanistan & the BIS Islands, an immersive combat ambiance (sonic cracks etc) and realistic Infantry weapons. We are also looking at the overall Voice sounds and how best to change these, we already have a pretty much completed sound file library for this.

    PR Exclusive - PR_Atmospherics[Civilians]
    The first of a number of PR_Atmospheric Modules. This initial module will be a framework that allows missions in urban areas to have AI civilians. These civilians are generally non-combatants, but may also provide cover for player-controlled insurgents. If dealt with too harshly by a team, the civilians may become aggressive - creating tactical complications for the mission, it will hopefully add to the gameplay by also being a "Combat Indicator", ie Bluefor noticing that civilians are leaving an area (Usual Signs of Taliban moving in). As the title suggest this will add to the overall "immersion" of the Mod, and hopefully induce tactical awareness, for both sides.

    PR Exclusive - Gameplay
    This is a very large area to cover however in brief the PR game play will include a comprehensive extended version of the AAS game mode, plus some other game modes too. With a new cargo and object handling system which handles a variety of transport methods, we open up the concept of logistics and supply. The armaments system helps provide a fair and balanced combat environment, by limiting access to the uncommon high powered expensive weapons and also makes vehicle combat far more effective. There will be a new squad management system to replace the common ones we've all seen. The concept of depoyable assets, such as firebases, will be further developed. Base deployment will provide a range of fair "fast travel" methods. All tied together with a new object interaction menu system to keep it organised. Further to that a new Insurgency mode is also being looked at and evaluated for future releases.

    Mk7 Helmet / Panther / Texture Tweaks / Field Dressing / Desert Cam Nets / MAN Truck
    These are all ongoing as normal day to day development tasks, we are yet to start on the Jackal and Mastiff.

    Ongoing work on Afghan Island
    - The ongoing work in this Department will take some time, as you would expect on a 25km x 25km Island. This will however prove its worth once complete, with different missions being played out on all areas of the island. So to that end, work continues on the Green zone area, including mud walls and buildings to suit our destructible structure system. This has been incorporated to best suit our game play. Although time consuming all valleys and outlying village areas are being manually sculpted to maximise island usage for the future.
    - A Camp Bastion style Main Base in the south is being worked on to compliment some of our larger missions with helo transport, logistics etc.
    - Even native plant/weed species for clutter and poppy fields are being added, to recreate the area as accurately as possible.

    Project Reality Menu
    For aesthetics the menu, background trailer, loading screens and general look of the default ArmA2 interface are being reworked to give it a cleaner, fresher look.

    - Beta Testing Update
    Beta Testing started this week in earnest, with a focus purely on the Game play at this point. We now have the makings of a dedicated Beta Testing team in place and a test server, so finding those bugs will be their priority. You can still apply to become a PR:ArmA2 Beta Tester in the tester application thread.

    - Release Date
    Due to the increase in the PR:ArmA2 Team, and the Development we have already started on, it is now looking more likely that we will not be releasing v0.1 until at least June / July. The main reason for this is being we have a lot of complex functions and frameworks in development that we need to implement to give us our core release. Not forgetting all of this will need further testing too.

    - Official Project Reality Servers
    As previously mentioned, we always place a big emphasis on Server Admins, and in the next few weeks we will be getting in touch with Server Admins who have shown interest to assist us in developing a robust system and config. This will ensure the PvP servers are in a position to be able to provide the players with a solid and reliable Project Reality PvP server. A place where they can simply join in and experience populated servers, with first class teamwork and a unique gameplay style.

    - Become a PR Developer or Contributor
    If you feel you have something to offer, or would like to be a part of the Project Reality Development Team, please do not hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. 3D Modelers are particularly sought after by the team, and are a priority for us at the moment.

    - Show your support
    If signatures are your thing, feel free to make use of our official user bar, if indeed you wish to display support for Project Reality.

    So there you have it. Lots happening, and these are exciting times for the team. For further information please feel free to browse the Project Reality ArmA2 Forums and become more involved. The community is growing and there are some great ideas coming to the fore. We hope this Highlights Reel answers some of the community's questions. We thank you all for your continued support, and hope you will enjoy the future release .

    - The Project Reality Team


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      Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

      Highlights Reel 2 (Part 1)

      Welcome to the first of what will be a number of PR:ArmA2 Highlight Reels over the next week or so.

      Apologies for keeping the community waiting a long time for this second installment. Things have been pretty hectic with the team, as you will see. As a thank you for your patience, we will be releasing a bumper number of Highlight Reels over the next 7-10 days, to show you all that the team is still beavering away at PR:ArmA2.

      Since our last update, the team have been concentrating and testing on our main focus - its dynamic gameplay for PvP. During this time we have lost a few members of our team due to personal reasons, and we all wish them luck in the future. The PR door is always open to them, as they know. We have had to shuffle around some of our work load, and some of our intial concepts are currently on hold for future releases.

      - Important Engine news

      With the recent release of Operation Arrowhead and its good reviews, we have now had the chance as a team to evaluate it. We have come to the conclusion during the evaluation that this is the preferred engine and environment to be used. As such, we wish to officially announce that PR:ArmA2 will require Combined Operations in the future.

      Combined Operations means: Both ArmA2 & OA as 'separate' installs or Combined Operations bought as one package.

      - Current Ongoing Work

      As we initially mentioned, our main focus is on gameplay with a minimal British Faction. The reason for this being we need to take everything one step at a time, to ensure our gameplay is sound. This element alone is what PR is best known for. Testing so far has proven a lot of concepts, and we now have testers reporting back that it now "feels like PR", which is exactly what we are aiming for. Although not 100% complete, and some still only concepts here are our possible current game modes:

      - AAS
      - Attack & Defend - (one directional AAS/front-line flow)
      - Command & Control
      - Skirmish
      - Insurgency

      We'll be showcasing more in the future about gameplay with a dedicated Highlights Reel concentrating on this one subject at a later date, this will answer all your gameplay questions we hope. A selection of screenshots are shown below of our most recent work with the OA engine.

      - Become a PR Developer or Contributor

      The Project Reality Team are still actively recruiting talent! If you would like to be a part of an established development team, with some experienced developers and many more contributors, or you have a skillset within ArmA2 and would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. Whatever your skill, let us know. We are always recruiting.

      That's it for now, but we'll be showcasing some more exciting assets and gameplay elements in a few days. Watch this space!

      - The Project Reality Team


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        Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

        Highlights Reel 2 (Part 2)

        Welcome to the second of what will be a number of PR:ArmA2 Highlight Reels over the next week or so. Here's a few of the things that we'd like to show off today.

        - British Army - SRV - Jackal 2

        [R-DEV]Stigger has been plugging away on this vehicle over the last few weeks, and you can see it coming together very nicely already. Jackal 2 is a high mobility weapons platform, with a unique air-bag suspension system allowing rapid movement across varying terrain. It is designed to protect personnel against roadside explosions and mine attacks. It's used for reconnaissance, rapid assault, fire support and force protection. Jackal 2 has the capacity to support itself and its crew of three over a projected distance of 800km.

        Jackal 2 is armed with a General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) as crew protection, and can carry either a Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) or Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) as the main weapon system in the fire support role. This will be a main british vehicle you will see driving around within PR:ArmA2, and a formidable vehicle that the Taliban faction will have to deal with.

        - Panther CLV - TES variant (Theatre Entry Standard)

        Another vehicle that is close to completion, and one which will compliment the British Faction in either woodland or Desert colours, is the Panther CLV.

        Panther is air transportable and can be underslung beneath a Chinook helicopter. Panther is armed with a 7.62mm L7 general purpose machine gun equipped Remote Weapon Station. It can can be upgraded to a 12.7 mm weapon if required, and an appropriate day/night sighting system.
        Panther will also be used as the Commander's vehicle for Engineer Troops, Anti-Tank, Mortar and supporting fire platoons.

        - PR Mines & IED Package

        The IED and mine package is going through alpha testing as we speak, and the work is starting to show huge promise. We have incorporated the PR:BF2 IEDs, and can confirm IED's will play a huge part in our Insurgency Mode. This work will prove a key element in asymmetrical warfare for PR:ArmA2.

        Which brings us to the end of Part 2 of our week-long PR:ArmA2 Highlights Reel special, but please stay tuned for part 3 in a few days, where we will preview even more goodies available on release.

        - The Project Reality Team


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          Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

          Highlights Reel 2 (Part 3)

          Welcome To Part 3 of the PR:ArmA2 Highlights Special week!

          - British Soldiers

          One of the things we are keen to ensure accuracy on are the British Forces soldiers, which has caused us to run over our expected timelines. The move across to OA means a lot of config changes and some heavy optimisation is being carried out. Although work is slow, it is ongoing and will be worth it in the end, as optimisation for PvP is paramount.

          - New Realtime Sounds

          As some of our community are aware, a field trip was recently run for the PR Sound Dept to spend a week capturing UK Vehicle sounds. The chosen location was the Armour Centre in Bovington. We managed to capture 20 vehicles in total (covering hatches, firing, doors closing as well as various engine sounds), and were joined by BISimulations for the trip. More info about the trip, as well as lots of media, by clicking on the image.

          With over 80 GB of data captured, the Sound Dept need to now run through Post Production, and editing all of these sounds. This will take time as we are sure you can appreciate. You can be assured however they will find their way into PR:ArmA2 once they are ready. In the meantime, a small preview of initial testing carried out on some of the raw files (no where near the final product, and still very WIP). Initial testing however shows the potential of what great sounds can do for immersion these can be heard in the following Testing videos. (Note we have not implemented the Sight patterns either at this stage).
          Please adjust your Sound first



          We are already planning the next trip, which will involve the team coming back down for another week, to record UK Small Arms (held on Live Firing ranges). All these sounds will be copyrighted under realitystudios, a commercial branch of Project Reality.

          - PR: ArmA2 - Install, set up etc

          As we have stated before, we intend to release PR as a complete installer package. One which you can simply install via its own single installer, run with the shortcut provided and instantly join in a Project Reality server, much like the current PR:BF2 system. In this way we can control both client and server files to ensure they match, leaving players with minimal worries about which version they may need. Each release or patch will again be much like PR: BF2 to keep the continuity between the server/client files. We will however provide an additional install package in the form of a compressed file, to manually install, for the users who prefer this method.

          A PR:ArmA2 PDF user manual will be provided with every install too, so players can get a better understanding of the dynamic gameplay. This way we can cater for all manner of players, whether you're an ArmA2 veteren or new to the game.

          - Recruiting Object Modelers!

          The Project Reality Team are still actively recruiting. We are currently seeking a Static Object Modeler to build upon our PR objects pack. Of course if you have any other skill within ArmA2 and would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. Whatever your skill, let us know. We are always recruiting.

          As you can see, there is a lot of development still going on in the various development areas, albeit behind closed doors, with a lot more still to do. Stay tuned for Part 4 in a few days, and the final chapter in our Highlights Reel Special!

          -The Project Reality Team


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            Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

            Highlight Reel 2 (Part 4)

            Welcome to Part 4, and what is the final installment of the PR:ArmA2 Highlights Reel specials for August.

            - RAF Chinook

            To compliment the Apache and Merlin we have added the Chinook into the mix. This is the work horse of the British Army at the moment, and that will be reflected in PR: ArmA2, giving the British Army a way to move both supplies and men around the battlefield in relative safety. This will complete the current Helicopters for the first release of PR: ArmA2. and will be a vital asset for the British troops on the ground.

            - A new PR Island

            [R-CON]ebanks, a recent addition to the team, is now one of the Project Reality Terrain Developers and has been working hard on a second PR Island .....we will let the images speak for themselves! Needless to say, it will be a great area to field some epic future PvP battles. A 20km x 20km Battlefield that is set in the Maidan Wardak Province - Afghanistan. Lots of thick Vegitation in the valley, with Hideouts for the Taliban in the surrounding Mountains, all set to challenge the best of the British Forces. A huge FOB, will also feature on this new Island, allowing the British Forces a safe haven and a place to move out and patrol from.

            - PR: ArmA2 - Online Photo Album

            For those of you that still want more, after a weeks worth of updates, we won't let you down either. We have created an online Album, which you can browse through to your hearts content. Feel free to bookmark it and check it every now and again, as we intend to keep this up to date in the future.
            PR: ArmA2 - Online Photo Album
            There are currently over 100 files already uploaded.

            - PR Dialogs, Menus, HUDs and more

            Work as always goes on with the more technical side of Project Reality, and we have saved this until last, setting it up nicely for the Gameplay Feature next month. This is the section that in essence will be the human interface for our Gameplay. Dialogs, menus and HUD development, will all add a splash of PR to ArmA2 in every way. From simple menus, like the Player Menu and the Interaction Menu to a well thought out multi-level cargo system and of course crisp loading screens, all to polish up the overall PR package.

            More importantly however they will allow ease of Squad Management, ability to provide first aid to others and treat yourself with your personal medical supplies, making it easy to request whatever you need and simplicity in joining and leaving squads, they all compliment a mod and assist greatly in playability. We hope this answers some of the questions being asked on the forums at present. This will avail a fresh new way to interact and perform tasks in PR:ArmA2, all kept in a fairly simple and effective style.

            More about how they are used next month.

            - Recruiting Scriptors, Texture Artists & Sound Engineers!

            The Project Reality Team are still actively recruiting. We are currently seeking Scriptors, Texture Artists & Sound Engineers to bolster these departments. We have had a number of applications already, and we are currently going through these as fast as we can, so please bear with us. Of course if you have any other skill other than those mentioned above but within ArmA2 and would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. Whatever your skill, let us know. We are always recruiting.

            So there you have it. The last in a bumper series of Highlights Reels within a short period of time, as you can see a lot is going on within the ArmA2 Dept. We are making great progress as a team, and a lot of this is due to the great community feedback we receive daily. It's the community that makes Project Reality what it is, and we are sure these latest reels will keep you all hyped for a great release.

            As a further treat I can tell you that our Video Developer - [R-DEV]trini_scourge is currently working on five productions for next month to highlight and explain in depth PR gameplay, this will be tied in with a full Highlights reel in September purely on Gameplay. For further information please feel free to browse the Project Reality ArmA2 Forums and become more involved. Until next time...

            - The Project Reality Team


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              Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

              Highlight Reel 3

              Welcome to the September Edition of the PR: ArmA2 Highlights Reel.

              This month has once again been a busy time for the team, with a lot of outside influences affecting development. Within the Project Reality team we have a lot of serving British Army soldiers, and although we demand realism where possible, we have to realise that this needs to be balanced with the fact that it is also a game that is intended to be enjoyable. We are not a Hardcore Mil Sim and do not claim to be, but we do like to get that balance correct. As you can see we have however made a lot of progress since our last update, some of which is not mentioned here but can be found on our forums.

              As promised we are featuring gameplay this month, so here is an introduction to our current gameplay modes:

              - Project Reality Gameplay

              In PR:ArmaA2 we will be introducing some of the proven modes from PR:BF2, however they will not be exact replications. The ArmA2 engine allows us far more freedoms than the BF2 engine, and this is something we are taking advantage of. Firstly we find the strategy level a lot more intense as this is all based on the real life players decisions. We currently have the following modes:

              Assault and Secure (AAS)
              Advance and Defend (AAD)
              Counter Insurgency (CI)
              Command & Control (C&C)

              Assault and Secure Overview
              AAS is a linked objective mode. The ArmA2 engine now gives us the possibility to design complex and varied size missions. This engine theoretically gives us the possibility of 200 objectives in one mission. For the player it's simple; you just have to follow the attack and defend markers on the map as is currently seen within PR:BF2. Once one side lose or capture objectives, they are switched automatically to the next possible objectives in sequence.

              Objectives are sometimes just simple single locations, while others consist of a group of objectives. For your team to advance, you'll have to capture this group of objectives. The size of these objectives can be set up individually and will strongly depend on map design, therefore the size of it will not be predefined as it technically could be 30m, 100m or 300m. Of course, this is all dependent on what the mission designer sets out to achieve.

              Advance and Defend Overview
              AAD is very similar to AAS. The main gameplay difference is that in AAS, all sides move from a similar starting position and could attack and defend at the same time, fighting to establish dominance over the opposition. However AAD is one way directional gameplay. One team defends specific points. Once a flag has been taken by the attacking team, they cannot recapture that point and have to fall back to the next defensive location.

              Counter Insurgency Overview
              CI is based on the PR:BF2 Insurgency mode, where BLUFOR have to find and destroy the enemy's ammo caches.
              However in PR:ArmA2 we have added some new features, like gathering information from dead or captured insurgents to reveal ammo cache positions. Insurgents will know also know all the ammo cache locations but they will not know which one has been revealed to BLUFOR. This opens a battle up to strategic chase play and will be an even more deadly game of cat and mouse.

              Command & Control Overview
              C&C brings new features too. Again as in PR:BF2 you first build your FOB. But now FOBs are flexible, and can be redeployed so as you advance you'll get closer to the enemy main base. As your FOB gets closer to the enemy main base, the enemy's ticket count will start to bleed at a higher rate. At the same time you will constantly be attempting to push the enemy back to keep their FOB as far from your main base. This gives the player unique situations where the same C&C mission will never play out the same, due to everything being based on Human decisions where each side decide their own frontline by use of the FOBs.

              In the near future we intend to record a PR Dev Q&A podcast, so stay tuned for details of how to pose your questions to the team.


              - Other WIP Work

              - FOB

              A lot of time has been spent on creating our own Large scale FOB for the British Army, this will be a main feature on our Map, and almost its own town. The pictures show the sheer size of it, and we are trying to keep it as realisitic as possible, but still in perspective. As you can see however, there is still a lot of the detail to add:

              - Portacabin

              To compliment the FOB, we are working on a portacabin static, something you will always see inside FOBs of this scale, and another addition to our objects pack:

              - Updated UI

              Work as ever continues on improving our UI. Here's some information on our latest work.

              Project Reality Main Menu concept
              We now have a fully working proof of concept of the main menu. While there is nothing wrong with the original per se, we felt a unique main menu would fit Project Reality's image much better.

              Project Reality Main Menu warning
              Project Reality introduces two new key assignments: A Player menu (default: T key) and the Interaction menu (default: Left Windows key). These controls are critical for the gameplay, hence why we implemented a warning screen to alert players who do not have the keys assigned. This can be done easily in the new Project Reality controls category in the Controls options.

              Project Reality Controls
              Within the Interaction Menu we have now added a dedicated section for the Project Reality Controls to keep things organised and simple for the player.

              - Become a PR Developer or Contributor

              The Project Reality Team are still actively recruiting talent! If you would like to be a part of an established development team, with some experienced developers and many more contributors, or you have a skillset within ArmA2 and would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. Whatever your skill, let us know. We are always recruiting.

              So thats it for September, we still have so much to show you all and still a lot of work. Every month something else is being reworked, tweaked or improved, and that may delay us even further. What we can promise you though is that the wait should be worth it. Thanks once again for reading this Highlights Reel and supporting Project Reality as a community. Until the next time.....

              - The Project Reality Team


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                Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

                Highlight Reel 4

                Welcome to the first edition of the PR: ArmA2 Highlights Reel for 2011!

                The last few months within PR:ArmA2 have been a little slow going in terms of having something physical to show the community. For one, we have stumbled upon a few problems, and have also started shifting the team's efforts towards the intricate coding and gameplay work. The updates may have slowed down, but you can be assured the work has not!

                - British Mastiff 2

                The PR Mastiff has had some work done over the last month and is now very close to importing into Project Reality. It's still to be decided what the initial load out will be, but either way it will be a great sight on the battlefield, and a realistic addition for the British Faction.

                - British Jackal MWMIK

                The SupaCat Jackal 2 is now finished, and like the Panther, is at the import stage. The Jackal will be a regular on the PR battlefield and will no doubt prove its worth for the British. We even have a woodland version should we require it in the future.

                - British Army Base Soldier

                One of our main problems recently, but we are now starting to get there. The initial model we had was causing the test server to lag badly, and had some serious LOD and Topology issues. We therefore took the decision to work on the Sample ArmA MLOD, and start from scratch.

                A new helmet, daysacks, body armour and webbing have been modeled, and we are also working on different uniform variants to add realistic differences to the soldiers. This decision has set us back a bit, but it is something we have to get right. We still have variants of this model to create, however the end result will be worthwhile. We'll be providing some media in due course.

                - Main Menu

                The main goal of Project Reality is to deliver the best gaming experience possible. We realise your experience is not just about the gameplay itself; it starts before that. That's why you can look forward to a brand new main menu, designed to fit the Project Reality theme and to look modern, and of course to be as easy and pleasant to use. With that in mind, here's what we have so far.

                - PR Sounds

                The next vehicle to get the PR Team's sound overhaul is the mighty Challenger 2. The video speaks 'volumes', and shows how this beast sounds ingame:


                - Other Ongoing work

                Of course there are a lot of other things going on, including:

                Wardak Map - Work continues on our Wardak map as always, and we now have an environmental designer on the team who has produced some great work already. In total, we now have 3 developers working on the map. This will also assist in the PR Objects Pack we are putting together.

                UK C130 Hercules - We're currently working on a retexture, ready to resupply the British Forces.

                Bandages - Will be applied to soldiers when they are healed, giving a visual representation that they are injured and have been attended to.

                Remote Video Camera's / CCTV - Something we are looking into a little further now will be the ability to place remote cameras and have live video feeds. These will come in 3 versions and at present this is a proof of concept. We are also looking at a version being available for the Taliban, to counter the sheer power of the British Faction. More to follow on this in future updates as we develop this further.

                Bridgelayer - This is probably around 50% complete, and will become a fully player controlled deployable and working bridgelayer. Again very WIP at present, and still a proof of concept at this stage.

                Caves and Tunnel Systems - These will be used by the Taliban on some of our maps in the future, especially for the Counter Insurgencey mode. Tunnels and caves will not make the first release, but they are being worked on and will prove invaluable in the future.

                British Panther - We have now imported our Panther into the ArmA2 engine, and need to code a few more areas so its ready to go. So far so good and we expect it to be released for testing soon.

                - Project Reality - Social Networking

                Project Reality takes great pride in keeping in touch with our large community, so whether you are on the move, have limited PC access or just want to find out that little bit more then feel free to join us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

                - Become a PR Developer or Contributor

                The Project Reality Team are still recruiting talent, even more so than ever ! If you would like to be a part of an established development team, with some experienced developers and many more contributors, or you have a skillset within ArmA2 and would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. Whatever your skill, let us know. We are always recruiting. Our main area at present is for Importers to assist in the backlog of PR Models we need to bring into the game.

                So thats it for now. We still have a lot of work to do, and a lot of this is coding. In our next update we hope to be able to provide a detailed changelog of what you can expect in PR:ArmA2 V0.1, as a lot of things in the updates will clearly not make the initial release. Thanks once again for showing interest in our Highlights Reel and supporting Project Reality as a community. Until the next time.....

                - The Project Reality Team


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                  Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

                  Highlight Reel 5

                  Welcome to the fifth edition of the PR: ArmA2 Highlights Reel!

                  Although this newsreel has been a while in coming, there has been a significant reason for this, the main one being there really was not too much to update on and also a large rethink of our priorities for v0.1. The team have continued however to work away in the background on a new Map, and as always constant improvements to the gameplay. Point to note, everything mentioned in this and any future news posts will now only relate to PR: ArmA2 v0.1 only.

                  - What Will be in the first release - v0.1

                  A lot of speculation has been thrown around recently as to what we will actually be releasing in our first version of PR: ArmA2. With a lot of updates over the last 12 months, talking about different concepts and models - like any new Mod, we have now prioritized what we will be releasing in v0.1. to that end the following will be released in PR: ArmA2 v0.1:
                  • Unique PR Models
                  • PR Jackal
                  • PR Panther
                  • PR MAN Truck
                  • PR Warrior
                  • PR Static Objects - Various
                  • PR Terrain
                  • PR Afghan Village
                  • PR textures (Placeholders)
                  • PR British Soldiers
                  • PR Merlin
                  • PR Chinook
                  • PR Apache

                  These will all be packaged together with over 20+ initial Missions all using the unique PR PvP Gameplay. We also wanted to take full advantage of the Arrowhead engine in this update and show you how Stunning PR: ArmA2 is currently looking in this engine

                  - PR Terrain

                  Project Reality currently have 4 Terrains in production, Wardak, Afghanistan, A woodland Map (yet to be named), and PR Afghan Village, a remake of an old Favorite. Wardak is still in production and will not make the first release. Afghanistan is a huge map, which is an ongoing project and at a lower priority therefore it is at least 6 months away. Our Woodland Map project has only just started and work will take some time on this. To that end we are releasing Afghan Village within v0.1, and so far testing has proved it is indeed a great terrain for some intense firefights ....... and it looks stunning too.

                  - British Army Soldier

                  Official Statement

                  Project Reality over the last few months have been in discussions with BI, and a joint agreement has been made, that gives Project Reality Exclusive rights for the use of the Original BAF Files within its Modification. I have personally signed this agreement with Maruk, and ensured all my Developers who need access to these files have signed a Project Reality Agreement. Therefore we now have the original BAF Files, to allow us to rework the Models, updating as required, and adding further detail to what is already a great DLC.

                  Project Reality are very proud and grateful for the working relationship they have with BI, and hope that we can ensure to do the game justice in the MP environment in the near future.

                  This now allows the texture artists greater freedom, and professionalism to enhance the Models even further, and the whole team to concentrate on the gameplay.

                  What does it mean to the Community?

                  1. No change at all, PR: ArmA2 will be a free to download Modification, which will still NOT require BAF to run.
                  2. The community get a highly detailed British Faction available to use, and will be our base standard for a whole PR British Faction, to include future UOR vehicles.
                  3. It allows optimized models for our MP - to ensure we keep poor server performance down to a minimum, and ensure smooth online play.
                  3. The PR Models however will NOT be available to rework in other Community add-ons in any way at all, as they will be electronically watermarked (Traceable) and have hidden PR Layers - as per the agreement with BI. (PR EULA, will clearly state this).

                  As you can see, we are working hard to ensure we have a firm and detailed base for our first release, and by having this agreement in place it ensures we have the perfect start point, for the team and the whole of the MP Online players.

                  - PR Helicopters

                  As per the British Soldiers, we also have the same agreement and files required from Bohemia to be able to carry out a full and professional re-texture. This will be for the BAF Merlin, Chinook and Apache. To that end all 3 Helicopters will be available in our first release. We hope to provide some screen shots in a near future Mini Update as and when they are in a decent state to be able to show you.

                  - Main Menu and HUDS

                  Our Interaction Menu and Squad HUD's continue to be a success within testing, and allow ease of management in all areas required for PR Gameplay, along with that we will be releasing a PR Quick Start Keyboard Layout, covering specific PR controls, and some of the relevant ArmA2 controls that will help people in the MP environment.

                  - Other Work for v0.1

                  CCTV CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a new feature for PR which allows the possibility for remotely observing specific points, very similar to the British Army Cortez Teams currently in Afghanistan. This allows the placement of Cameras into tactical positions that can then be remotely controlled using a Data Terminal. This allows the team to retain situational awareness, and also provide good FOB Defense. It also encourages teamwork, and a command structure requirement to get the best from its capability.

                  PR: FX We will be releasing our own FX Pack within PR, which will cover some basic effects initially, with impacts, back-blasts explosions and a few others. This is something we will continue to build on in future releases.

                  Medic System PR has it's own medic and wounds system. The system is now fully working, from light wounds which you can now heal your self using your First Field Dressings, or by your Squad Medic for the more serious wounds.

                  Cargo Loading, Defenses, FOB's Using several unique PR systems and combining these together has now created a realistic feel of where to establish a Tactical Forward Outpost. You will need to transport the FO Stores first to the desired destination by using the PR Cargo system provided on land vehicles and air. Once the FO is built you then have the possibility with our PR Construction system to turn a simple FO bunker in to a highly defended fortress, its your call how much defence stores you need for the mission.

                  Ambient Sounds Over the last few months, we have created a unique PR Sound Pack to enhance the ambiance you will find on the PR Missions. No longer will you hear a crow squawking in Afghanistan, what you will find though is a new subtle set of sounds, ranging from Prayer calls, new desert ambiance, night ambiance and lots of other unique sounds to create the perfect atmosphere. Do not expect to hear any generic firefight sounds within PR though. This is something we do not intend to add into PR, as it will confuse the PvP environment by using fake gunshot/explosion sounds. Therefore if you hear a gunshot or explosion in PR: ArmA2, it will only be a "Player initiated" sound, and as such will help you with your situational awareness and your tactical decisions.

                  - PR Testing

                  We have a roster of over 80 dedicated PR:Arma2 testers. Testing continues on a weekly basis, along with occasional sessions involving the entire Project Reality team. As issues are found, they're logged in our reporting tool and assigned to the team member responsible. Once an issue is resolved it's passed back for testing. This process ensures timely resolution of issues so that development can progress.

                  The primary focus at the moment is on gameplay, with all those involved confirming that this mod 'feels' like PR.
                  More recently we ran our first initial Large Scale Pre-Release Testing session with around 80 players - "Operation Bind" which involved ArmA2 Testers, BF2 Testers, BF2 & ArmA2 Developers etc, etc. The session was a huge success and was enjoyed by most who assisted us, a lot of great feedback fell out of this, most of it being good.

                  - Become a PR Developer or Contributor

                  The Project Reality Team are still recruiting talent, and we are always on the look out for anyone with a passion for development on a complete British Faction. If you would like to be a part of an established development team, with some experienced developers and many more contributors, or you have a skillset within ArmA2 and would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. Whatever your skill, let us know. We are always recruiting. Our main area at present is for Importers & Configgers to assist with our PR Models we need to bring into the game, and decent Texture Artists to help out our PR: ArmA2 - Lead Texture Artist.

                  I would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank Bohemia, for their fantastic cooperation to date, as a team we all appreciate this, and I am sure the community will too.

                  So finally, we are now in a good position and remain on track to release in July.
                  All of our other work, is still ongoing but at a lower priority, and will be available in future updates/releases, ie, Mastiff, CR2, Scimitar 2 and lots more.
                  Please remember once we have the initial release out it will take time for players to get used to the new style of gameplay and establish a player base, leaving us to then listen to the community during the feedback phase and make any changes we approve for the betterment of the Mod. We usually allow 2-3 weeks before we even open up for feedback, that way people have the chance to "learn" the gameplay and adjust to it. Thanks once again for showing interest in our Highlights Reel and supporting Project Reality as a community. Until the next time.....

                  The Project Reality Team


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                    Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

                    Mini Update on the Warrior IFV

                    Small and quick Video to show the Warrior set on our own Terrain Afghan Village.

                    A lot of this is focused on Sounds and PF FX, so please turn your Volume UP before watching the Video :-P



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                      Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

                      Well this is disappointing:

                      Maybe we can petition for a NDA closed stress test to help them bug hunt?

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                        Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

                        Go read up on the manual ladies and gents, lots of useful info.

                        Originally posted by [R-DEV]UK_Force View Post

                        As most of you are all already aware of, the upcoming release of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 modification is going to be BETA only. The primary goal of this first release is to incorporate the Project Reality style of gameplay into the ARMA 2 game. With that said, some assets have not been included in the v0.1 BETA build. However, we have included a few placeholders to cover what assets did not make it in. The aim of PR:ARMA2 remains to thoroughly test the PR gameplay and ensure we prove the concept before we continue adding other assets into the mod.

                        Project Reality: ARMA 2 Manual
                        The Project Reality Team is proud to announce the first official release of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 Manual. There are currently two different versions of the manual available for download: an interactive PDF that contains instructional videos embedded directly into the document and a standard, non-interactive PDF that contains links to the instructional videos. The non-interactive manual should be used if you wish to print the manual out.

                        The manual will be a constant work-in-progress and as the PR:ARMA2 mod is updated and changed we will be sure to keep the manual up to date. Current discussions may mean we move to a wiki for the more detailed information in the future, leaving this document for the "Basics".

                        Project Reality: ARMA 2 Instructional Videos
                        The Project Reality: ARMA 2 instructional videos are also available on the Project Reality YouTube Channel and can be viewed directly here:

                        [YOUTUBEPL=D3601756F75508F7]Project Reality: ARMA 2 Tutorials[/YOUTUBEPL]

                        The Project Reality Team have worked hard to produce these videos, as we believe it is the best way for people to understand and learn the important concepts we are using. This is the ideal way to get up to speed prior to the PR:ARMA2 v0.1 BETA release.

                        For all those hoping to play PR:ARMA2, we strongly suggest you watch all of these videos and read through the manual, as they are tied in with the basic understanding of ARMA2/OA and should put players in a good position to enjoy the Project Reality style of gameplay.

                        We hope you enjoy the videos, the manual and more importantly we hope that they will help assist players with the upcoming release. Please stay tuned to the Project Reality website for further updates over the next few days regarding the much anticipated release of Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA!

                        -The Project Reality Team
                        Make sure to take a look at their YouTube channel as well, they have a collection of nine video tutorials!


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                          Re: PR: ArmA [Dev] Dump

                          Dev Mini-highlight #14: Community Modding of PR:ARMA
                          Originally posted by [R-DEV]UK_Force View Post
                          Project Reality Team Stance on Community Modding on PR: ARMA2

                          Over the last week or so there seems to have been some confusion in regards to making missions, and content within the Community. I hope this will make it clear on our position fully, and the reasoning for it.

                          It should be clear after reading this that the reason we are using this procedure is simply to make life easier for our Community / Players.

                          The whole reason (and ethos) of why Mod Teams make Mods is surely for the benefit of the community and the people who play it? This Mod has not been created as a "free asset repository" for other modders to use at their pleasure to pick and mix what they want.

                          Our Aim in ALL Project Reality's work revolves around our Community, it always has and always will.

                          Project Reality, will soon be opening up a Community Modding Forum (no different from the BF2 Forums), this will allow add on makers who support PR a place to create their work. This includes, Maps, Missions, Models etc etc. Advise can also be found here from the team, at anytime.

                          There will be no change to how PR: BF2 Community Modding is ran at present.

                          We actively encourage community work, as we always have done for the last 6 years. To ensure your work is not wasted, it fits in with the PR Gameplay and that the community work is 100% balanced for PR, all we ask is that once it is completed, that the PR Team take a look over it and approve it into PR CORE, of course full credits will be given. This is also a great place for potential Developers to PR, and where a lot of our PR: BF2 Developers started.

                          The forums once opened will provide full details of the procedure.

                          Non Approved work can of course still be created and ran in SP, or within LAN's at your pleasure.

                          However to run it on a PR server your work simply needs approving and adding to our white List (Otherwise you will find players simply can not join the server in question).

                          Servers will sign the licence application, they will also be given certain files to run on the server which will allow add ons etc to be cross referenced - again to ensure PR Servers remain Pure PR and a simple solution for the community.

                          If we allow non approved PR Community work onto these servers, its quite simple to see that within one month we will be in a position where every PR server will be using a "variation" of PR - and Players will fall into the trap of having to download 5gb of add ons prior to playing - One of the main things PR is trying to get away from.

                          Please do not think we are just trying to "lock down" the Mod as an elitist MOD Team (as has been suggested in the past). We simply want the players & community to enjoy and maximise their online PR experience without confusing procedures.

                          As has been said providing a "one stop shop", where you know you can just jump on and get a quick game of PR: ARMA2 without any hassle.

                          -The Project Reality Team

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