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How to get started with Project Reality: Arma 2

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  • [GUIDE] How to get started with Project Reality: Arma 2

    How to get started with Project Reality: Arma 2

    1) Check you have both Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead (or buy them as a pack called Combined Operations)
    We advise against buying the steam edition because it causes issues with both mod installation and getting the game to run in combined operations mode.

    2) Update your game to the latest version - Currently that's 1.6
    Public Download (

    2) Download and install the PR Client - Version 0.15 BETA
    Public Download (

    3) Check out the Manual
    The PR YouTube channel has great tutorials too!

    4) Familiarize yourself with the Server Rules and general expectations:
    • Teamwork and maturity are required.
    • Make sure you join a squad.
    • You must follow Squad Leader and Commander orders.
    • Although not required, using in-game VON is highly encouraged!

    5)Join us on TeamSpeak!
    Although not required its a great way to get hold of the admin team and communicate with your team!

    6) Join us on the servers!

    7) Have Fun! :)

    BANNED? KICKED? Need an admin? Read this!

    Feel free to contact the admin team via the contact an admin forum or directly using the profiles below:

    Project Reality Game Officer : |TG-6th|Wicks

    PR Arma Executive Officer : |TG-189th|PaintScratcher

    PR:Arma Admin Roster

    You are responsible for all actions taken on your account, regardless whether it was you on the account at the time. The decisions of the admin team still stand even if it actually was your brother, your roommate, your cousin, your friend, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your sister, your nephew, your neighbor, or your dog using your account.

    How to appeal your ban

    Confirm that you have been banned and not kicked by attempting to rejoin the server after a short period. You may have been kicked rather than banned.

    If you are banned, you can appeal your ban by posting in the PR:A2 contact an admin forum. Your post should include six things:

    1) Your in-game handle (including tags if you wear any)

    2) The server from which you were banned

    3) Your Player ID.

    4) What you did to get yourself banned, i.e. your side of the story.

    5) Identify which # rule you violated. To do this, you will need to navigate the Official Rules thread, find the server rules and read them in their entirety. (This shows us you've actually read the rules.)

    6) Explain: In you're opinion, why does TG have that rule? This will show us whether or not you understand the spirit of the rules, and that you may be ready to have your ban lifted.

    Please use the following format when creating your post:
    In-game name:


    Player ID:

    Reason for Ban:

    Violated Rule:

    Opinion on Why Rule Exists:

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