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    I really like it in the state that it is in, and knowing that it will only get better with time is something that boggles my mind. Just to note on a couple of things that I have noticed.

    - It is good to see two servers up as the lag from connects and disconnects was crazy, so that issue is solved :)

    - People have to remember that this is brand new to everyone and while they are trying to implement the Pr style of play from BF2, this is so different that it is night and day. It is a fantastically good different, but nonetheless, patience will be awarded greatly if you do that.

    - Sticking with direct is the best corse of action right now as everyone that is talking over one another is a little hard to here everything. So try and stick to direct and then if you have to spot something say it over group. I know that I will bind two keys for this. A direct talk like normal, and then one that I can switch between commander , vehicular and group.

    -All in all it has really surpassed what I thought it would be. yes there are some bugs and lack of transpo because everyone wants to try stuff out but I think after this mad rush, things will settle in and all ill be fine!!!

    Thank you PR Devs, it was well worth the wait.......

    more stuff to come :)

    "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer rather than trying to appeal to the greater gaming population....Tactical Gamer is not mainstream. We are not trying to attract mainstream gamers" ~ Apophis



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