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Locked Servers? Sitrep needed!

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  • Locked Servers? Sitrep needed!

    I was so psyched about the PR release today, I've been playing it on BF2 for years, and TG's servers (more accurately, its members) have always been my favorite. I'm a team player, I like working with like minded players, so needless to say, its a match.

    Anyway, that said, I was really hoping to get on the TG servers today, I didn't get on until late because I had some appointments to keep! But, I get on to find the servers locked! I thought maybe they'd be full but....locked? So whats the story there? I take it something happened?

    I'm mostly just looking for information on what has happened. But if someone could tell me how to get in, too, that would be great. Me and a mate were suppose to be playing this today, but obviously the servers are a mess, and the TG's are locked. We're both in our 20's and believe in if the lock is about griefers or something, you wouldn't have to worry about us.

    Anyway, sitrep requested! Even if I/we can't get in I'd like to know what the story is. :)


    P.S. Totally off-topic but, how do I change my profile name? I'm not new to Arma 2, but I swear the profile name option was somewhere in options, but I don't see it now. Kinda confused. I'll keep trying to figure that out on my own but I was just wondering if anyone could point me to it, if they moved it or removed it, etc.

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    Re: Locked Servers? Sitrep needed!





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