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R-At Teams in action.

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  • [AAR] R-At Teams in action.

    Update for the RATeams:

    Got to run this type of squad twice tonight. One time it was with the bare minimum of two people and worked to the point of total shock and awe. Quite litterally we unloaded this TOW from a Landy, took it from the crate, dissassembled it, and then reassembled it not more than 150m from a BMP-2's rear. It took two shots to kill it but it had no idea what was going on!

    Later on we lost the landy due to my poor driving and had to dissassmble the TOW and carry it on our backs through the city really close to the enemy main. Harrowing stuff.

    However, I did dislike how easily I hopped on that TOW and almost immediately fired. I think a TOW should first come out of a container in peices and with no ammo (instead an ammo box). When dissassmbled it should turn into Tri-pod, TOW, and Ammo box.


    Earlier that day I had a team of four and we took a Ural with one Metis-AT13 box and one Machine Gun Mini-Tripod. Since the enemy had no AA we used a L-AT, Combat Engineer, 2x Rifleman (I have no use for the TAKI Officer as it has no optics). Sadly despite a tonne of planning our mines proved wholey ineffective as the vehicles must run directly on them (not over) to detonate. Instead the Metis-AT13 proved its worth by annihilating almost any vehilce that came from their checkpoint without caution.

    We hindered their Warriors and Logistics heavily while the rest of the team did a solid push and eventually allowed my squad to merely springboard from our point onto the last cap.


    I'm rather tired now and have had at least two other great rounds I wish to remember aswell so... I'll update with more detail if I can. BlackPython should have a video.



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